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Sculpting Stone Ritual Kit

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$ 195.00$ 220.00

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A holistic ritual to detoxify, tone, and lift the skin naturally, release trapped lymph and help to expel waste products, including unwanted fat, cellulite, & stretch marks. Each product is powerful on its own, but together the benefits are enhanced. Leaving your skin toned and radiant with each use.

What it includes:

1. STIMULATE - Apply the Goddess Shaping Body Oil to create a smooth canvas and increase circulation, ease inflammation and purify the skin for optimal delivery.

2. DETOXIFY - Massage and unblock energy channels, increase lymphatic flow, and expel waste products to improve qi (life force), symmetry, skin texture, and overall immune health.

3. TONE - Reinforce the skin's texture and elasticity and retrain the way your body functions to unveil firm, toned muscles and glowing skin.

*To learn more about ingredients and usage for each product, tap on the individual product above. Not recommended during pregnancy.

Sculpting Stone Ritual Kit

$ 195.00$ 220.00