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Beauty Is Ageless Q+A with Jeri, 64 Years Young

Meet Jeri, a 64 years young mother and new grandma. She is the epitome of radiance and graceful aging so we asked her what all her golden secrets were.

Q: What is your favorite Golden Secrets product?

A: This is such a hard one!! I’m loving the results from the Youth Beauty Face Oil, my skin is more moist and supple which means less noticeable fine lines. Being obsessed with skincare from a young age, I’ve used all of the top brands and can honestly say I love my skin since I’ve started using the Youth Beauty Face Oil along with the Sorceress Stone. It’s addicting and feels so good! I believe that starting my day with a nourishing positive routine helps set a mind body connection that continues throughout the day. Setting an intention and doing gua sha every morning is my gift to myself so I can show up for the day. My Golden Secrets products make every day feel like a mini spa day at home :)

Q: Have you struggled with any skin concerns and if so, how did you fix them?

A: Over the years, my skin has changed and with each change my skin has new needs. I respond to these changes by adjusting my lifestyle and skincare. I started getting some symptoms of rosacea in my late 40’s. I would go between prescription treatments depending on the flare ups. Since learning about Golden Secrets, I started using only the Heal All Oil for these areas, it improved so much and healed in four days!! I’m so thankful to have found a product that has given me a natural alternative to treat rosacea. 

Q: What is your favorite Golden Secrets Ritual?

A: My nighttime routine is when I focus a bit more on my body. After the infrared sauna I use the Goddess Shaping Body Oil with the Sculpting Stone. It’s such a pampering routine that helps me wind down for the night. I take my time, it feels so good and releases the tensions of the day! Afterwards I put my pajamas on so my skin absorbs all of the essential ingredients. A bit like a body wrap treatment at home.. socks and everything!!


Q: What is your #1 tip for aging gracefully?

A: BALANCE and CONSISTENCY. I know this is something we all know but it isn’t always easy to do. Stay active, eat well but enjoy, be consistent with skincare. And don’t forget your mind!! Be good to yourself… be gentle and your mind will thank you by being peaceful. 

Q: What are your healthy eating habits?

A: My two rules I follow… Big salad everyday, be mindful and don’t eat beyond feeling full. I started a vegetarian diet when I was seventeen, many years ago!! I did it because I love animals so much. After adopting this lifestyle I noticed how much better I felt and looked. A testament to the term good health starts from the inside. This is also when I learned how to listen to my body. I’ve not stayed true to a completely vegetarian or vegan diet but mostly plant based. I have four children and each time I was pregnant I ate a bit more fish, chicken and very occasionally red meat. But I really had to trick my mind in order to eat it. It’s a struggle for the animal lover in me. It all goes back to balance. If I’m craving something, I’ve found that I should just have whatever it is I’m craving, because in the end I’ll eat it anyway after trying to satisfy it with other things. 

~ Water: I drink water daily I don’t keep track but always have water with me throughout the day.

~Supplements: I don’t love taking supplements because I find it can be overwhelming but I do have my favorites that I’ve taken for years - flax oil, collagen, Biosil and/or biotin, vitamin D, probiotics. I listen to my body, if I feel I need to add vitamin C or something else then I will. Sometimes I’ll make a smoothie with essential greens that helps get everything in without taking a pill or capsule.

~TIP: I drink Aloe Vera for healing gut health and I’ve found it works great for me. A very easy and accessible luxury that I love is keeping an aloe leaf in my refrigerator - I’ll cut it open and rub all over my face and body. It’s so good for you inside and out!

Q: What is your exercise routine?

A: I’ve always been active, I played tennis throughout my years. I was also an avid runner until I took the advice of my dermatologist to find a new activity. It made sense as he told me that not only is the running bad for my skin but also for my internal organs. As we age we always focus on the outside but the inside starts to fall too! I now enjoy things that are just as effective but more gentle on my body. Fortunately I’ve been practicing yoga for a very long time, I love Pilates as well. I’m a big believer in weight and resistance training to maintain muscle, if you don’t use it, you do lose it! I get bored so I’m always mixing it up but consistent. Some type of movement everyday is what keeps me sane and feeling my best in body and mind.  

You can follow Jerri on Instagram  here @jlflynn01

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