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The New Rocking Chair

          Rocking Chairs definitely have their purpose but when my son wouldn't fall asleep and I knew the only thing that would work was bouncing  him up and down, the yoga/stability ball was my Golden ticket.  As soon as my son was getting tired and cranky I would hold him tight to my chest, sit on my yoga ball and bounce up and down.  Not only did it do the trick every time, I got to sit down for once and it saved my back! You can get a yoga ball anywhere these days.  Just make sure it is properly filled with the right amount of air and practice bouncing without your baby in tow until you become 100% confident.  Now they even make a chair that you can put your yoga ball inside to prevent ball from sliding out from underneath  you. They are also a great office chair replacement and I suggest between baby bouncing and office work to take a break and do some supported back bends on your yoga ball. Yoga Ball

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