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5 Rules to being Long and Lean

IMG_6066 1.  Drink a cup of water with lemon before every meal, especially upon waking up and ditch the ice! Luke warm is best. 2.  Eat all the colorful food on your plate first. Then you will be less likely to fill up on the "brown food" on your plate. 3.  Eat your carbs for breakfast and/or lunch. Your meals should get smaller as the day goes on. 4.  Eat at the same time everyday and do not eat at least 2 hours before bed. Studies show that not eating on a regular schedule or routine can cause stress hormones, which slows down your metabolism. 5.  Walk! You don't need a gym or fancy work out class. Get your family out of the house and walk after each meal. Let go of the old saying ,"I need to rest and let my food digest" the only way to do that is to get moving! * Slow, resistant movements help create length and strength.