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6 White Magic Spells to Try at Home.

  tumblr_mapk10nEkB1r7jm73o1_500.jpg Witches were the original holistic healers. Using plants, herbs, and Mother Earth herself to magically cure people from ailments and disease. Woman possessing unexplained powers were looked upon as evil, even though they were doing all good work.  As Christianity spread, these witches were looked upon as a threat and Christians believed that only men should be doing healing work and others believed that if someone was sick it was Gods way of taking care of their sins.  So these "wise Woman", which is the definition of wicca, were labeled as doing the devil's work and the stigma still remains today. Truth is we all have the power to create good or bad in our lives and other people's lives.  The difference between you and them is their belief that they can.  Their power is in their belief and your acceptance of their belief. A spell is an intention lit on fire, and a curse is an acceptance of someones words or actions towards you. I have been doing "spells" since I was a little girl.  I believed so much in my abilities and powers that I created some what of a ruckus and scare in my home town. Still to this day people talk about things that occurred and now the stories have been exaggerated into folklore legends. Truth is, children are born magical and it is up to us to encourage their belief in themselves so that they can do anything they put their mind too, as far-fetched as it may seem.  The mind is so powerful and  indeed capable of bewitching for good or bad in our lives, as long as we have a determined spirit. Here are some of my favorite "spells" that can help turn on the "white witch" inside of you. * Number one rule!  Never put negative energy into a spell.  This is all for good.  Whatever you put into a spell, you get 3x back so even on your worst enemy you always send them love and light.  It could be one of the hardest things to do but once you switch the energy from hate to love, the world becomes your oyster. Love-  Keep a picture of yourself along with the picture of the one you love face to face tucked inside your underwear drawer.  To make the spell even stronger tie a strand of their hair and a strand of your own together along with the pictures. Passion-  If you are in a relationship and the passion is dwindling then place a small container of cayenne discreetly in the bedroom.  Put the intention inside the container that the cayenne will literally spice up your love life and before you know it things will get very HOT in the bedroom. Health-  Prayer and witchcraft are actually pretty similar.  It's the power of faith that can actually make someone who is sick better.  Even by sending someone positive energy without them knowing it can improve their condition.  My favorite way to rid someone of an illness is to trim their nails and hair and bury the remains.  If you are close to an ocean or stream, throw them in the stream and the water will wash away the illness. Cures-  Garlic and vinegar are the best tinctures to pull disease and even depression out of the body.  Make a tincture of the two and place next to your bed as you sleep.  The garlic will absorb all the negativity in the body as you sleep.  You can also do this with an onion and bury the left overs in the morning. Money-  At the new moon secretly place a $20-$100 under the inside doormat at your front door.  Every time you open it you will be bringing more money into your home.  Be sure to remove the money when the moon is full. Another way to encourage money flow is to visualize checks coming into your mailbox and make sure your wallet is big enough to fit all the money that will be flowing in. Success and Power-  To increase your own personal power you need to tap into your soul.  Light a candle and sit in front of a mirror and stare into your own eyes.  Ask that the golden light surround you to keep you safe, healthy and protected.  Say your full name 21 times then speak your wish and repeat it 21 times.  Blow the candle out and await success. Make a wish on the day of the new moon and write it on a piece of paper.  Turn off all artificial lighting and light one white votive candle.  For 10 min stare into the candle's flame and imagine your wish coming true and the fulfillment that it gives you.  Then say"As I sleep tonight, may the divine power of spiritual love and light grant my wish."  Burn the piece of paper in the flame and leave the candle to burn out.  Repeat the spell on 12 consecutive days at the same time.  If you miss a day start from day one. *Tips-  It's best to start new spells on new moons.  It's the intention that makes the spell work.  Always surround yourself with the golden light before you do a spell.  Get creative and create your own spells.  The more you do, the more powerful you get. Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe