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Rituals to Ring in 2021

This post contains affiliate links. Please read our affiliate disclosure policy.

Happy New Year, babe!

2020 is officially behind us - and right here, right now, we have a choice to wipe the slate clean. Start fresh. Ride the wave of renewed energy, hope, and optimism. 

Below is a list of all the things I'm doing to prep for 2021. I hope these rituals resonate with you and serve you as much as they serve me.

Conscious Journaling

 Keep releasing what does not serve you so you can align with what does.

What was my biggest lesson in 2020?
What is one thing I'm proud to have accomplished in 2020?
What are my top 3 priorities in life?
Now run everything through this filter of your top three priorities and if it doesn't fit, let it go.


January Affirmations

Did you know that of the 50,000 thoughts we have every day, 80% of them are negative and reside in the subconscious?

Positive affirmations can transform your thoughts so you can create the reality you want.

Repeat After me: 
I am capable of anything I set my mind and my heart to. 
I am a powerful creator. 
I am renewed.
I am golden. 


Sakara’s 10-Day Reset Meal Delivery

Sakara has been the easiest way for me to eat optimally without having to go to the grocery store multiple times, spend hundreds of dollars and spend hours cooking. The meals are insanely yummy and cleansing and make me feel amazing.

Here's what Sakara promises in 10 days:
- Clear your skin
- Heal your gut
- Shed excess weight
- Restore digestive harmony  

I'm in! The box ($195) includes Beauty Water Drops, Detox Water Drops, Complete Probiotic Formula, Detox Bars, Energy Bars, Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder, Detox Tea, and 10-Day Reset Recipes

Use code: XOGOLDEN for 20% off your first Meal Program, 10-Day Reset or Clean Boutique.



Supplement Stock-Up

I love stocking up on all my supplements and favorite health hacks at the beginning of the year, so my body is set up for success from the start. 
Here's my current list!

Kion Coffee, Amino Acids and more! Click HERE to see all my faves from Kion and use code: BEGOLDEN for 30% off!

Ancestral Supplements Collagen. Collagen is one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It's basically the glue that holds everything together and there are a lot of bad collagens out there. This one is the best! Use code: BEGOLDEN to save!

Nuvita CBD is the best organic CBD there is. I add it to my coffee in am and tea at night, plus anytime I need a little chill.

Ionbiome is a supplement I take every day 3x per day and my family as well. It is a prebiotic that restores the gut lining-where 70% of our immune system resides. Click HERE for 20% off the subscription plan.

Four Sigmatic has some of my favorite adaptogens. The cacao mix is one of my all time favorites. Add a little coconut milk and stevia. use code: BEGOLDEN to save!

Nano Detox is the safest and easiest way to gently detox heavy metals and other toxins from the body. I take two sprays in the am and three sprays at night. 

BiOptimizers probiotics, digestive enzymes and magnesium are some of my favorites! use code: BEGOLDEN for 10% off the entire site.

Vision Boarding


I've created vision boards for years to manifest pretty much everything I have and enjoy in my life. From love and family to my home, health, lifestyle, travel, business.. you get the idea! 

It astounds me when I look back at my vision boards from years past, and see how the EXACT things I desired, later materialized in my life!
You are the creator of your universe. I fully believe that, and I encourage you to use the energy of the New Year to craft the life of your dreams.
You can create vision boards the old-school way with magazines, or digitally with Pinterest. The photo above is a glimpse of my 2021 vision board! More where that came from on The Golden Secrets Pinterest.


More Inspiration Here!

Healthy recipes, at home exercises, self-care rituals, mental health practices, beauty treatments, manifestation techniques... so much good stuff to start 2021 on a high note.



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