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5 Days to Detox at Home/ Day 1

IMG_8984 After a fun weekend or a long work week sometimes our bodies need a little extra TLC. A spa day would be amazing but many of us can't get away due to time or finances. This week I will share some of the tricks I do on a regular basis to help my body detox so that I can feel and look my best. Day 1: Ginger body scrub Boil several cups of water on the stove. Grate ginger and wrap grated pieces in cheesecloth to squeeze juice out of it and add to boiling water. Let water cool off enough so that you don't burn yourself. Get a loofah or preferably a rough hand mitt. Stand in the shower or bath with your ginger water and start scrubbing. I recommend starting from your chest and working out towards the limbs and down. Do not miss in-between fingers and toes and especially the bottoms of the feet and hands. Scrub vigorously to get the blood flowing. Your skin should become pink or slightly red. Ginger body scrubs create circulation, promotes clear skin, help discharge accumulated fat, opens up skin pores to help elimination of toxins and stimulates overall health and well-being. * Scrub away the dirt, shed the past and your skin will begin to glow.