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5 Ways to Repurpose Our Bottles

Our products are ethically designed from start to finish. We package our products in glass bottles that are 100% and infinitely recyclable and upcycle shipping materials for minimal environmental impact.

We are not facilitated to have a recycling refill system but have found that the shipping and process to sanitize the bottles to be much more of a carbon imprint than simply recycling the bottles yourself or repurposing them for other uses.


Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose our bottles:

1. Flower vase- All of our bottles make the most beautiful, perfect little vases for your bathroom, small counter tops, or your work space.

2. Incense holder- Simply put a stack of incense inside of one of our bottles and burn one at a time. It is advised to put a plate underneath to catch the ash.

3. Succulent pot- Put some dirt or little pebbles in the bottom of our jar and snip off a little piece of a succulent you already have. Place it on top and put it on your window sill or your work desk.

4. Jewelry holder- Our jars make the perfect holder for sacred things like jewelry, saved baby teeth, and medication. They can also help you be more organized with your drawers and hold your rubber bands, tacks, and paper clips.

5. Make a diffuser- Making a diffuser is easier than you may think and our bottles are perfect to do so. All you need is some kind of carrier oil; jojoba, coconut, almond etc., a few table spoons of alcohol (any alcohol will do, even vodka) and then add several drops of essential oils for desired scent. Use wooden skewers that you might already have in your kitchen and dip them into the liquid. Soak them thoroughly then flip them over so that the soaked skewers are exposed. After a week or two or when the skewers dry up, flip them over again to keep the scent fresh.

We are always working on finding the best, most economical, eco-friendly and healthy ways to bring you our products. As we grow, we will continue to evolve and streamline this process.

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