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Winter Beauty Essentials

As the seasons change so does our body chemistry and our skin's needs.You may even notice that the foods and scents you crave are different depending on the season. Naturally we are born to better assimilate the foods grown during the particular season we are currently in. Our skin is no different.

During the winter months, our skin may need different nourishment due to dryer, colder weather. Unlike the warmer months where we spend a lot of time out doors, concerned about getting too much sun. During the colder months, we may not be getting enough natural sunlight. 

The key is, to try to align with nature, therefore aligning with yourself. Try not to get stuck into a robotic routine of self care. Instead, check in with yourself, the seasonal changes and adjust accordingly.

Here are some of our favorite Winter Beauty Essentials:

The Youth Beauty Face Oil Serum gives you the ultimate hydration your skin craves during the winter months. This luxurious oil is packed with 10 nutrient dense plant botanicals for ultimate skin health. It feels like butter and absorbs onto the skin immediately. Leaving you with an instant Golden Glow that your skin craves, especially during those colder months.

The Signature Blend Body/Refill makes a luxurious body moisturizer. Loaded with organic essential oils to help balance your body and mind. Based in Jojoba and coconut oil for ultimate hydration. This oil can also be used in a warm bath for ultimate daily ritual of self love during the cold winter months.

The Aura Clearing Mist is an absolute must-have but it has a special place during the winter months when we are indoors more,maybe traveling more often where there is stagnant air, more illnesses due to lower immunity and lack of sun. This handy little spray bottle is 100% organic sage hydrosol makes a great anti-aging pick me up face spray, naturally cleans the air in any space, natural hand sanitizer, natural hair refresher, and a natural bug repellant.



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