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10 Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.

images-4 We all crave sugar and sweet food but grabbing a candy bar or cookie every time is just going to make you feel worse. Keeping your house stocked with lots of  healthy options will help you stray from eating something unhealthy. Keep these 10 healthy, sweet snacks near by and satisfying your sweet tooth with be a piece of cake! 1.  Apple with raw almond butter. 2.  Smoothie with protein and fruit. 3.  Banana with a little honey or almond butter. 4.  Dates. You can also stuff them with almond butter and coconut oil. 5.  Greek yogurt with berries and walnuts. I like to add flax seeds on top. 6.  Tea with a little honey and almond milk. 7. One cup of diluted  sweet juice like pineapple or carrot. 8. Sugar free granola with almond milk. Add berries and honey to sweeten. 9. Kanten. Apple juice with age agar. Click here for kanten recipe from previous post. 10.  Baked apple. Core a green apple. Boil raisins, just until soft. Put into a small bowl and add roasted sesame seeds and brown rice syrup. Fill apple with mixture and bake for 20 min. at 350 degrees. * The most important thing you can teach anyone is to think for yourself when making a decision about diet and lifestyle. Michio Kushi