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Western & Eastern Medicine. They Both Have their Place.

1292944140_148624810_2-cursos-de-medicina-alternativa-ecatepec-de-morelos My first approach to healing my family or myself is the most natural or organic route possible. I was blessed to have my son naturally at home and have continued to raise him holistically.  There have been times when I did rely on Tylenol to get a very high fever down and I have certainly been grateful to western medicine when something traumatic has happened to my friends and family.  No doubt that there is a place for western medicine and I am very grateful for the times I have needed it. Unfortunately it seems that most people, especially Americans are taking advantage of it. Doctors are prescribing pain meds like candy and ruining, killing thousands of people in return. People let their guards down and trust their doctors every word, especially when it validates them to continue to be lazy and just take a pill. What  people don't see is the dirty greed behind the office walls, where the doctors incentives for prescribing drugs is very beneficial and lucrative to them!  Where simple diet and life style changes could have possibly avoided these unnecessary dependencies to prescriptions. There is no such thing as a magic pill. There is no easy way out, unless you change what caused the dis-ease in your body to begin with, you will not get well. Symptoms are our bodies way of telling us, hey something isn't working out for me. If you mask those symptoms then they will progress and the dependency will turn into another issue. Progression will result into another reliance onto another drug that helps with the first drugs side effects. The vicious cycle that encourages our messed up health care system. My suggestion is to try everything you can that is natural, then when all else fails you can confidently know that you did your best. Of course I am not talking about an emergency situation here! I am talking about simple ailments and chronic conditions. My bet is, if you change the bad habits that made you sick to begin with, then you will heal yourself. I am living proof! Finding the balance in both worlds is key. Here are five things I suggest trying before you run off to the drug store.  1. Diet- What does your diet consist of? We are what we eat so if you are eating fast food that is filled with preservatives and who knows what else then you will be in pain no doubt.  You will have migraines, back pains, mood swings, infertility.  The list goes on and on. Stop eating processed food and start eating fresh food that is preferably in season and watch your body heal itself! The sicker you are the stricter you need to be with your diet. Remember it's not forever, just long enough to reboot your system and start fresh. Then you can start incorporating some of your favorite foods back into your diet. 2. Exercise -I'm not saying you need to join the gym but you do need to move! Walk, bike, run, jump rope. Play tag! Just sweat at least 3 to 4 x a week. Get your body moving and help it to release toxins and release endorphins that make you feel good. Movement is key!!! Especially if your body feels stiff and tight. Your synovial joints do not create fluid unless you use them, so get moving! You don't need an hour just move long enough to get your heart pumping, metabolism moving and your body perspiring. Start with ten minutes a day. First thing in the morning, before you eat! 3. Lifestyle- Get rid of toxic relationships or stressful work environments. Yes! stop complaing and make changes that will give you a better quality of life!  No matter how healthy you are, if you are around toxic environments then its like slowly poisoning yourself.  There is no mistake that the phrase, you are a pain in my neck. It means just that, People can literally cause you pain. If you are not willing to make changes, then accept your ill-health. 4. Eastern medicine -Before you run off to the pharmacy and start a prescription with a list of side effects that out weigh the benefits, try something natural. Homeopathy, flower remedies, regular sea salt baths, chinese herbs, Ayurvedic medicine. Be open to new ideas and remember medicine started this way, it's not something new. I used to have a guy come out from Mexico with healing clay to help with my inflammation.  I tried everything that was natural and I don't regret any of it. I still use every single thing that I have learned on my journey, as far out as it may seem. Medicine started with sacred traditions of herbs and tinctures and the more we get back to that organic way of being the better off we are for ourselves and our planet. 5. Nurture yourself- Take care of yourself and get massages, scrubs, acupuncture, and sauna or steam regularly.  Americans look at these things as a luxury so in turn we don't do it enough but cleaning your lymphatic system and creating flow throughout our body is a necessity! The human touch, in itself is so healing. You can also heal yourself through self- massage called Do In. You are your own best healer. Click here for video on how to do Do In self-massage. * The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.- Thomas Edison