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Yoga 101

alo copy Here are 10 helpful tips that can help you get the most out of your yoga practice.   1. Do not eat at least two hours before you practice.   2. Avoid wearing lotion or heavy perfumes to class. Once you start sweating your mat will become a slip and slide.   3. Take your shoes off before you enter the classroom.   4. If you are late and the class has already started then quietly wait for the appropriate time to come in and set up. For example, if they are in a beginning meditation, then wait until after they are done.   5. Grab a block, strap, blanket and any other accessories you may need before class starts.   6. Be respectful of the people around you. Keep your towel, block, and blanket tidy and close to your mat.   7. Stagger yourself. Do not line up your mat directly in line with the people to either side of you, unless it is a packed class and you have no choice.   8. If you "Om" in class you should be audible to the people on either side of you and you should be able to hear them. It is not a time to have a solo performance. Your goal should be to create a harmony of vibration. 9. Stay hydrated. Personally, I don't like to drink during class so I drink plenty before. Fluids tend to cool my body, defeating my goal, which is to heat my body up, so I prefer to drink plenty before and after. 10. Breath. Every posture has an inhale and exhale through the nose. This is called ujai breath. Sometimes the teacher will instruct the class to let out a sigh, at the appropriate time ,but be mindful not to do it throughout the class. Exhaling through the mouth can be distracting and it releases all the heat and energy that you have worked so hard to built up. * The practice of yoga goes far beyond the mat.- Jesse Golden