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10 Ways To Make Your New Year's Resolutions a Reality

The first lesson is to know that you already have everything you need you just have to become aware of it.

Here are 10 Simple rituals that you can do everyday that will help you accomplish your new goals:

1. Journal- Write it, release it, just get it out. Give yourself at least ten minutes per day to freely write. Don't think, just allow whatever subconscious thoughts to become conscious.

Then write out your short term goals for each day and make another list that has long term goals.

You are 68% more likely to accomplish your goals just by writing them down.

2. Exercise first thing in the morning. Preferably on an empty stomach. Listen to your body. Some days an intense training is needed and other days a brisk walk will do the trick.

3. Tune in. Take time each day to meditate or practice rituals such as Divination Dowsing to hear the inner calling of your highest knowingness. This is where all the answers are. If you do this daily, you will become more clear and more productive.

4. Do one thing each day outside of your comfort zone. You cannot heal in the same environment where you got sick. You must shake it up and do things differently if you want different results. This could be as simple as wearing a different, vibrant color you normally would wear to trying a cold plunge. You decide where your barometer is.

5. Get close to Mother earth every day. This could be in eating consciously and in season, using natural skincare and household products, stepping outside and looking up at the sky and letting the sunshine on your skin. Taking a walk in nature, putting your bare feet and bare hands onto the earth. There are many ways to connect to nature on a daily basis and it is vital for our optimal well being.

6. Make it a mission to always be the kindest person in the room. Give, give and give more and expect nothing in return. To always be kind is what it is all about. Make every room you enter better and if you need a little help the Aura Clearing Mist will help lighten the mood.


7. Speak your truth. Live in your truth. Notice where you might have fallen prey to what others want you to be and start removing the layers and allow your own authentic self to shine through. The ones that you ultimately want there to genuinely love you will come forward and your true destiny will reveal itself.

8. Make a plan for 2019 and think big! Know that abundance is your birthright and what you feel you deserve you will get. Only put out or say the things you want. The universe always says yes!

9. Don't be so hard on yourself. Forgive yourself and then forgive others. Resentment towards yourself and others is poison to your body. These opportunities that give you these emotions are given to you for this exact reason; to practice compassion for yourself and others.

10. Always stay curious. Read, listen to audibles, podcasts, and continue to learn and explore. Always remain a student. Know that the lessons never end, we just have to become better students.

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