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11 Ways To Naturally Heal Melasma & Hyperpigmentation

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I truly believe that when you align with nature you are able to radiate and flourish. This is the very foundation that The Golden Secrets was built on.

Your ability to receive the sun is a direct reflection of the state of your health. We need to change our relationship with the sun. The sun is our ultimate source of healing light. All living things and living beings need the sun. Simply put, If you want to see something die, deprive it of the sun.

For over a decade I have preached the health benefits of sun therapy (heliotherapy) and taken a lot of grief for it but one of the most common questions I get asked as a skin care owner is how can I prevent melasma, hyperpigmentation, or “sun spots” from sun exposure?

The sun is always taking the blame when the truth is it’s what you are putting in and on your body that is causing the issue.

This is a picture of me at 43 years young, untouched, zero makeup, only wearing The Golden Secrets. I have never used synthetic retinol (a potent/toxic form of Vitamin A) or conventional sunscreen, have been an avid sun worshiper my whole life & yet have zero hyperpigmentation.

When you focus on your internal health (gut & thyroid) align with nature & listen to the innate wisdom of your body and skin’s biofeedback (and stop messing with it) it is able to thrive & radiate. What we are taught by most dermatologists & doctors actually cause the very things we are trying to avoid. 


  • Non-burning sun exposure is associated with a reduced risk of melanoma.
  • Before antibiotics came in the 1930’s, sunlight therapy (heliotherapy) was proven as the most successful treatment for infectious disease.
  • Skin cancer has increased in the last 30 years since sunscreen has been widely publicized.
  • Sunscreen, at best, can only prevent sunburn. It cannot and does not prevent the rarest and only true fatal form of skin cancer- malignant melanoma.
  • A 2014 20-year study of 30,000 Swedish women, “Avoidance of sun exposure is a risk factor for all-cause mortality”, has shown that women who never sunbathe are twice as likely to die from any cause than those who sunbathe every day.


Here Are 10 Ways To Heal Melasma & Hyperpigmentation:

1. Clean up the inside of your body. Stop eating seed oils high in polyunsaturated fats. PUFAs interact with radiation (sunlight) and cause cellular damage. Detox your liver (hence the term liver spots) and supplement with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and glutathione. If able, stop taking unnecessary prescription drugs (birth control, antibiotics, artificial hormones) and over the counters that can disrupt your sensitive body constitution. Instead, opt for herbal replacements. See my full list for Skin Health recs HERE

2. Stop wearing chemical sunscreens that damage the skin cells and block the production of Vitamin D & your body’s signal that it has received enough sun. Not only that some sunscreen separate UVA and UVB, giving you only UVA, which alone is skin damaging. You always want to get the full spectrum.

3. Stop using mineral sunscreens filled with unstable oils like hemp, argan, grape seed for example, which actually increase and accelerate aging. Same goes for self-tanners containing DHA) Dihydroxyacetone, yes even the natural ones can increase sun damage by 180%. See my suggestions HERE & HERE and read my previous blog posts about self-tanner HERE and PUFAs HERE

4. Stop using toxic skincare like synthetic retinoids, hydroquinone, phototoxic oils (lemon) and other actives that cause the very thing you are trying to heal and make you even more susceptible to UV light or heat damage. This includes chemical peels and lasers.

5. Women- stop shaving your face (dermaplaning) Those vellus hairs (peach fuzz) are there for a reason and help protect the barrier of your skin from environmental damage, including the sun. Without them you are more prone to getting hyperpigmentation and melasma.

6. Do microneedling once per month to help break up the enzyme involved in the production of melanin. See the at-home tool I love HERE

7. Consider green light therapy. While we are all familiar with the benefits of red light therapy by now, green light, in particular, aids in reducing hyperpigmentation by decreasing melanin production in the skin and evening out the skin tone. Conversely, if you are prone to or already have hyperpigmentation, red light can exacerbate it. It is also imperative to always use light therapy on clean skin. Products can reflect light, hindering absorption, and some may interact with the light, leading to undesirable results.

8. Do TGS Instant Glow Facial Mask 2-3x per week to naturally fade discoloration without disrupting the microbiome of your skin. I love doing this after I microneedle but not recommended if you have sensitive skin.

9. Practice gua sha with TGS Sorceress Stone 2-3 x per week to naturally brighten and smooth the complexion as well as break up melanin production.

10. Get daily sun that is right for you. Your signal that you have received enough sun and Vitamin D is when your body gets flush, then put a hat on or use a stable sunscreen with stable oils (tropical oils) that can withstand heat & sun.

11. Use organic, natural oils that are formulated and work with your skin's natural innate wisdom, not against it. TGS Heal All Oil during the day to protect and even the skin tone and Youth Beauty Face Oil at night to regenerate and effectively fade the appearance of hyperpigmentation.


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