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3 Easy Ways to Stay Centered During Your Day

With all that we have to do each day, it is easy to get stressed, side tracked and forget what is truly important in life. Here are some simple things you can do through out your day to help keep you centered, grounded, grateful and living from your heart center.

1. Mala beads- Traditionally used for Japa meditation. Similar to a rosary, where each bead represents a number of times you recite a positive mantra, affirmation, or prayer, to come into a more calm spiritual state. It may not be realistic to do the entire practice during the day but once you have put all your positive energy into your mala beads, it is with you all day long. Mala beads can be worn as beautiful pieces of jewelry every day and the meaning behind it for you is a positive, constant reminder throughout  your day.

2. Grace- Every time you eat, say grace. Grace to your creator, grace to the Earth. Whomever you are grateful to, to be able to nourish your body with wholesome foods. Furthermore, if you are cooking be sure to say positive affirmations while you are prepping the food, so that you can digest the positive energy you put into it.

3. Shake it off-  Many of us have such stressful, demanding lives that our fight or flight response is being activated too frequently causing us to be off centered. The accumulation of stress hormones in the body can trigger all kinds of serious health problems,  so it is important to be aware and know how to release it on a daily basis. I always look to nature's cure first and animals are the best at this. When their adrenaline (fight or flight) is released they literally shake off the remainder of stress hormones so that their body doesn't absorb it. I'm sure you have all seen your dog or cat do this type of shake after they have gotten scared or defensive. Humans innately release this by yawning, sweating or heavy breathing, which is a slower process. The best way to release this on a daily basis is to mimic animals response. Stand up and vigorously shake your body to release anything that you need to let go of to keep you healthy and centered each day.

* When choosing your own Mala Bead, listen to your instinct, don't over think it. Let your spirit guide you, as such in life.

Comments (3)

  • Tony Scauzillo-Golden on March 27, 2017

    The are wonderful methods. Surprised you didn’t say a yoga routine as number one… Yoga or just basic stretching is key for centering oneself both physically and mentally. Drinking tea and treating it as a ceremony is another time-tested method for centering oneself.

  • Marcia Daly on March 27, 2017

    Thanks Jesse. Working on a shoot for you. Have a great weekend!!!


  • Tony Scauzillo-Golden on March 27, 2017

    *these are

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