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BREAST MASSAGE for Fuller, Firmer, Healthy Breasts

Our Goddess Shaping Body Oil was formulated to help firm and detoxify the body, including the breasts.

Daily breast massage helps increase blood flow and the secretion of a breast enlarging hormone called prolactin, making your breasts fuller and firmer and helping the lymphatic system do its job.

Other benefits include:

TREATS STRESS AND DEPRESSION: The love hormone, oxytocin is released through regular breast massage, helping to alleviate stress and depression, leading to an overall sense of happiness.

CANCER PREVENTION: Regular breast massage can help in the prevention of cancer by detecting malignant cells that form a knot in the breast tissue, prior to becoming a lump. During these early stages, massage can force the cells to go back to their original formation.

FIRMER, FULLER BREASTS: If you are struggling with sagging breasts, regular breast massage with The Goddess Shaping Body Oil can help tone the fat-storing tissues and increase blood circulation, leading to tighter and fuller breasts.

BETTER SEX: Regular breast massage can increase your sensitivity, making you more aware of touch and the positive impact on your brain, often leading to more stimulating foreplay and better orgasms.

THE TECHNIQUE: Warm The Goddess Shaping Body Oil between your hands and begin massaging in circular motions around the breasts and underneath the armpits, where you have many lymph nodes. Start in a clockwise direction (upward and out towards the armpit) then repeat in the other direction (counter clockwise) 15x in each direction every day or night. Maintain light but firm pressure, it should feel good, not painful. Finish by vigorously moving your arms up and down and jumping up and down a few times, you can also do a few jumping jacks to further aid in the draining of the lymphatic system.

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