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Jesse Q+A - August Edition

This post contains affiliate links. Please read our affiliate disclosure policy.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions on Instagram — I love hearing from all of you and I wish I could answer every question. Answering five of the most asked below :)

FYI I will be doing this at the end of every month so make sure you’re following my personal account on Instagram @jessegolden and subscribe to my email list HERE so you don't miss your question potentially being answered!

Q1: What is your favorite foundation?

I don’t wear foundation. I mix Youth Beauty and Aphrodisiac together to make a beautiful natural glow. Sometimes I will use a little concealer under my eyes and around my nose. I like Jane Iredale. I believe that when you focus on good skincare then you won't need as much makeup to “cover’ things up. So many people cover up their natural glow and then layer a bunch more makeup to fake a natural glow; it's complete madness. Saying that, some of the best makeup artists in the world swear by mixing our Youth Beauty with a few drops of foundation, so if you have one that you like, give it a try!

Q2: Targeting the neck - what's the best product?

Instant Glow Facial Mask is definitely my number one for targeting the neck, but I also use the Dynamic Duo and cleanse with Heal All Oil. All of these together are a powerhouse that create real change.

Let’s get back to the Instant Glow Facial Mask though. This mask is a deeply purifying powder mask with intensely active and potent tonifying ingredients. Pore-purging beauty minerals, vitamins, compounds, and over 600 antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, reduce sagging, improve elasticity, smooth wrinkles, and brighten the skin. Over time, it improves firmness, evens skin tone, diminishes hyperpigmentation and age spots. And here's the best part-formulated with minerals that actively facilitate neurotransmitters shown to diminish sagging skin by firming & tightening its appearance from within, going beyond the surface. Taking the concept of going "beyond the skin" to another level. A few months back, I noticed crepiness on my neck for the first time. For years, I neglected to bring product past my jawline so I'm having to make up for it now. I applied this mask every night for two weeks, and the results were incredible. I saw a noticeable change when I looked in the mirror and in my pictures. I continue to consistently use this mask on my face, neck, and chest 2-3x per week.

Q3: Which oil would you recommend for body massaging?

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish and target, but overall my favorite body oil for all-over everyday moisturizer is Womb Wisdom Skin-Toning Oil.

Don’t let the name deceive you. This is not just for pregnancy. It was developed with pregnancy in mind, helping with itchy, stretchy skin and to prevent & reduce stretch marks. But it encourages natural elasticity and boosts skin regeneration for a more smooth, clear, ageless glow.

I’m currently obsessed with this oil, and so is my husband. When I’m in the sun, I mix it with Heal All Oil or Aphrodisiac for that extra glow.

Q4: Why can the eyelash serum take longer to work on some people?

The lash growth cycle consists of three main phases. The first phase is the Anagen phase, also known as the growth phase, where lashes actively grow from the hair follicles. This phase typically lasts between 4 to 6 weeks, and during this time, new lashes form and gradually push out the old ones. The second phase is the Catagen phase, also known as the transition phase, which lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks. In this phase, the lash follicles shrink and the lashes stop growing. The final phase is the Telogen phase, also known as the resting phase, which lasts around 6 to 9 weeks. During this phase, the old lash sheds naturally and makes way for a new lash to begin its growth cycle. It is important to note that each individual lash may be in a different phase of the growth cycle at any given time, resulting in a continuous but staggered pattern of lash growth and shedding.

Long Lash starts working from the very first application! ​​​​​​​​

​​​Our advanced formula works with your lashes' natural growth cycle, providing noticeable results that vary depending on where your lashes are in their growth journey when you start.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​For some, the results may become visible sooner, while others may require a bit more patience as all lashes go through their complete growth cycle. That's why we recommend faithfully applying Long Lash every day, twice a day, for a full 16 weeks for maximum results.​​​​​​​

Remember, proper usage is crucial to achieving the results you desire. Follow the instructions diligently, and embrace consistency as the key to unlocking the stunning results you've been longing for.

Q5: How do you stay motivated through hard times?

Having been through lots of hard times, I have definitely developed some tools that have helped tremendously. Number one being and realizing that the lessons never end; we just have to become better students. Mindset and how we choose to perceive and look at things are everything. We can choose to focus on the positive or the negative, taking into consideration that the frequency that you are putting out right now is an indication of what your future will look like. When you realize this, you start to see every obstacle as an opportunity to see the good. 

This is why I created my Golden Secrets Guidance Cards, to help you spark your inner wisdom so that you can easily navigate through some of your greatest challenges with grace and inspire infinite possibilities for you to live at your highest timeline. This is by far one of my favorite gifts that I can offer you, and you can return to it over and over again for years to come.

xo jesse 

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