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Life Isn't Always Love & Light & Thats Ok

If you are a frequent reader of mine then you know how much I love transparency. I have always been very open about my life and all its windfall. Ultimately that is where I have learned and evolved the most. The Golden Secrets began with me sharing my secrets of overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis and has evolved into all aspects of my life. Saying that I have always tried to keep an optimistic outlook on life despite its challenges, but that does not mean that I do not break down and have moments of despair. I always strive to be love & light but sometimes it is just not realistic. We all experience many different emotions throughout the day and to always be floating isn't real. You have to have your feet on the ground to be present and surrender to what you are going through and often that is accompanied by emotions of everything BUT love & Light. Behind the veil, I am a struggling single Mother doing my best to give my son the best life possible. An entrepreneur starting out a new business and learning much of it as I go. Wondering if my illness will come back. Trying to be super Mom and super friend and super daughter. My point is, we all have a lot on our plates and sometimes a response that is not inline with the " love and light" is perfectly suitable. Not only is it suitable but it is normal. It would be abnormal if you didn't get affected or disrupted by life every once in a while. So the constant strive for perfect harmony and balance also includes expressing and feeling your emotions in a non hurtful but constructive way.

1. Let yourself truly feel what you are going through, without feeling the need to act as if everything is ok. People want to be able to relate to you and they may find comfort in knowing that you too are going through challenges.

2. Speak your truth. You are not doing anybody any good by telling people what you think they want to hear or perceive you as. Be honest and speak from your heart. You will gain more respect in the long run for being true and honest with yourself and everyone around you.

3. Refrain from getting stuck in a "monkey mind" or vicious cycle of negative thought patterns. Let your emotions play out and go through the necessary phases. Acknowledging them and then letting them pass.

4. Find someone to confide in. Someone that you feel 100 % safe and comfortable around to open up completely about what you are feeling and going through. Also, be this person for them or someone else.

5. If you are always floating around on cloud nine, people will not take you serious. It is not realistic to go through life like that. It is normal to feel things and have highs and lows. * The important part is that you always strive to come back to love & light, even if the road to get there is bumpy.

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  • The Golden Secrets on March 27, 2017

    Thank you:) xo

  • vuppy125566 on March 27, 2017

    This is wonderful . I enjoy your writing <3

  • The Golden Secrets on March 27, 2017

    Thank you. I will:) xo

  • dynamitedavid on March 27, 2017

    I love reading stuff like this, keep writing!

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