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Trusting Your Motherly Instinct

Pregnancy is such a magnificent time in a woman’s life. Women were born to give birth, so all the tools that they need lie right inside of them. Keeping things simple, organic, and listening to your motherly instinct is possibly the best thing that you could do.

Every woman and child is different, as well as each labor.  So you have to find what works for you and your baby.

I want to share with you some of the most powerful knowledge that I acquired while I was pregnant. These tools seem so simple yet were so effective and I believe the main reason why I had such a wonderful experience with pregnancy and labor.

1. Talk to your baby- You might feel silly if you are not showing yet but starting the conversation with the little one within you is so important. The baby will start to get used to your voice and it will begin the strong bond that will last for years to come.

During your pregnancy your baby has a lot of work to do too so the more you work together the easier it will be. Be very specific with your words because they are listening. One of the most powerful things that you can tell them is what you want them to do to make the birthing process easier. I recommend this to be your mantra during your talks with your baby (belly). Tell them to keep their head down, back to Mommy's belly, and their chin to their chest to lessen the circumference of the crown of their head. Also be specific with what date you want them to come. I did all of the above and got exactly what I asked for.

2. Visualizing- It is normal to worry and have negative thoughts, especially with doctors and other woman sharing information that creates fear and anxiety but learning to shift those negative thoughts into positive ones can mean all the difference in the world.

Every time a negative thought comes to mind, let that be your trigger to do positive visualization. Imagine your baby inside of you growing at the perfect rate, bathing in clear amniotic fluid just smiling away, listening to your words of comfort. Retrain your brain to go to this happy place during your 9 months of pregnancy. Replace a negative with a positive and it will become a great habit that will continue to be useful as your baby grows up.

3. Don't compare yourself to other Moms- Realize that every pregnancy, every birth is different for each woman. Find where your peace lies and embrace it fully without waiver. Stay connected to your baby, your knowingness and Mother divine will guide you on your way. Take time to be alone with yourself and your baby so that you can quiet everyone elses opinions and listen to your motherly instinct. She always knows best.

4. Boundaries- Steer clear from energy sucking vampires and have no shame. For a lot of woman, being pregnant is the first time that they have ever felt real vulnerability. The lioness starts to rear her head and protect her young. People that you used to have the energy to tolerate might have to take a back seat. The people around you might change but know that the ones worth keeping will take a front row seat and acknowledge your different needs now. It's ok to say no and protect your baby from draining energy. You need all your strength and power focused on you and your baby.

5. Put the books down- Gathering as much information as you can is important and empowering during your "nesting" period but as it gets closer allow yourself time to tune in and surrender. Know that some of the most important knowledge that you acquire is inside of you. Women were born to bear children.You are writing your own book on pregnancy and birthing so tune in and let your Motherly instinct guide you.

* Mother's instinct...all species....timeless primal wisdom.- Unknown

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*I am not a medical doctor. All opinions and beliefs expressed in my articles are based on my experiences.  The utmost importance always is for the safety of the Mother to be and the unborn child and therefore each individual must research which path they choose to take based on their needs.

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