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Goddess Ritual



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This is your 2-piece set to detoxify, buff, and tighten saggy skin. When our Goddess Shaping Body Oil and Ionic Copper Dry Brush are used together, results magnify!

Give yourself an in-home body treatment with this luxurious, sensorial body detox ritual. Our Ionic Copper Dry Brush surpasses regular dry brushing with highly conductive copper bristles that neutralize and restore electromagnetic balance in the body while increasing skin renewal and lymphatic flow. Accelerate the detox with our Goddess Shaping Body Oil, designed to aid in proper metabolic function by helping the body expel waste products and strengthen the skin.

"I have been putting Goddess Shaping Body Oil onto my dry brush for years to reduce cellulite and tone and instantly give me softer skin. It's truly a divine ritual." -Jesse Golden

Set Includes:

Goddess Shaping Body Oil A high vibrational, aromatic, full-body nectar composed to prevent and correct the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

Ionic Copper Dry Brush Restores electromagnetic balance in the body, increases circulation and collagen fibers, encourages cellular turnover and skin renewal, and helps the lymphatic flow work more effectively.


Add a few drops of Goddess Shaping Body Oil onto the Ionic Copper Dry Brush and brush from limbs to heart. Brush in a clockwise motion on your stomach. Shower or bathe, then apply your favorite TGS body oil all over. 

*Please see individual product pages for more detailed information about each product.

Goddess Ritual