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Clear Confident Skin Kit



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If you struggle with acne, rough texture, and lack of radiance, this is the kit for you.

Give this new ritual 30 days and watch your skin transform into clear, confident, and beautiful.

"One of my favorite things about sharing TGS with the world is being able to stop the vicious cycle that most people with acne-prone skin end up in and help them heal and radiate once and for all." -Jesse Golden

Step 1. Reset your skin's microbiome and balance sebum production by cleansing with our Heal All Oil and Glowing Facial Cloths. This step alone will completely transform your skin. 

Step 2. Mist your face with our Aura Beauty Mist to hydrate and brighten. While the skin is still damp, apply Heal All Oil to moisturize.

Step 3. 3x a week, apply our Instant Glow Facial Mask to clarify and reset your skin's brilliance.

*Bonus: Spot treat with our Heal All Oil and Instant Glow Facial Mask anytime in between.

Kit includes: Heal All Oil, Glowing Facial Cloths, Aura Beauty Mist, Instant Glow Facial Mask, our Golden Headband to keep your face clear and locks out of your way while you do your skincare, and our recycled, oversized skincare bag to keep all your new products in one place.

Clear Confident Skin Kit