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5 Ways To A Beautiful Smile.

IMG_4698 A simple smile has the power to turn a bad day into a good day. It is proven that even if you fake a smile you still benefit from it, meaning it becomes contagious and just by smiling you are spreading love.  In order to share your beautiful smile you have to be confident about it.  Here are some simple ways that can help you so that you can shine bright each day and share your smile with the world! 1.  Brush your gum line. For years I was brushing my teeth wrong, causing my gum line to recede.  Finally a dentist taught me that you should actually brush right where your gum meets your tooth.  That is where plaque builds up. Of course this along with daily flossing will help keep your teeth in great condition. 2.  Brush your lips.  After you are done brushing your teeth. Run your tooth-brush across your lips.  Most people have electric tooth brushes now a days, which makes it very easy to do.  Brushing your lips exfoliates them and gets rid of any dead skin so that they can be soft and smooth. 3.  Clean your tongue.  This is a huge step in hygiene that so many people forget.  After brushing your teeth you are often still left with residue on your tongue.  One swipe with a tongue cleaner and it will be gone.  This will help keep your breath fresh and can even help with your digestion.  Once you see the stuff that comes off your tongue, you won't be able to not use a tongue cleaner.  My favorite tongue cleaner is a stainless steel u-shaped device made by Dr Tungs .Click here. 4. Oral pulling rinse.  This is different from your regular mouth wash.  It is an Ayurvedic practice that uses oils to pull out toxins.  You vigorously swish, push and pull oil through out your entire mouth for up too 20 min.  This is not  a gargle.  You can use sesame or safflower oil that you have in your kitchen cupboard or a great brand is by Dale Audrey called Ayurvedic Oral Pulling Rinse.  You can find it at your local health food store.  Click here. 5. Moisturize your lips.  My favorite all time moisturizer for lips and all over first aid is Egyptian Magic.  It's an amazing product that every family should have in their house.  Heals everything from chapped lips, burns, to diaper rash. Click here. We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. - Mother Teresa