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6 Ways to get Grounded

How many times have you been talking to somebody and it seems as if they are somewhere else? Or can you remember a time when you were the one day dreaming in lala land when someone  else was talking to you. Feeling lost with no direction or motivation could be direct effects of not being grounded. Not being grounded literally means that the soul is not physically connected with your body, causing you to not be present in the moment. This can bring up a whole slue of problems in your life. Here are some things that I do to keep myself grounded and on track with my souls path. 1. Feel the Earth. Take your shoes off whenever you have the chance and let your feet touch the earth. Cop a squat instead of sitting in a chair. Chose to be closer to the ground and absorb all the grounding benefits. 2. Affirmations. Every morning upon waking up or while you are eating breakfast, write your affirmations in a journal. This exercise helps to get your mind clear for the entire day. Therefore you are less likely to get off track and more likely to stay focused and achieve your goals. 3. Belly time. Try sleeping on your stomach, like a baby! There is something very grounding about laying with your body facing down. Don't use a pillow when you do, as it can hurt your neck. Sleep on your stomach in moderation and I suggest wearing a satin or silk eye mask to prevent eye wrinkles, when sleeping on your stomach. 4. Yoga/Exercise.  Any form of exercise or sport where your body is challenged is one of the best grounding tools we have. Often when we are pushing ourselves to be stronger, we feel pain or sensations in our body that we want to resist, but the pain in our body is there to keep us present and in the moment. 5. Meditation. You don't have to take a class to learn to meditate. All I want you to do is sit with yourself for 5 minutes a day in complete silence so that you can be still enough to hear your inner self. Connect with yourself every day. 6. Crystals/rocks. One of the simplest ways to ground yourself is to put a rock or crystal in your pocket! This one is especially great for kids. My son was having a hard time remembering not to complain. So we put a "spell" into the crystal asking it to help him not complain and focus on the positive. He put the crystal in his pocket every day for a week. Every time he fell back into his complaining cycle he would feel the crystal in his pocket and it would remind him to be positive. The crystal or rock should fit in the palm of your hand when closed. Have it be just big enough to feel the weight of something in your pocket. You can put intentions into any object you like and get the same grounding result. Do one or all grounding exercises each day and see yourself become more aware, present, and content with yourself and your life.