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*Happy Mother's Day*

[caption id="attachment_1992" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Four Generations. My son's first week of life. Four Generations. My son's first week of life.[/caption]

  There is a magical journey that is only understood once you are there.

 An unselfish place where love is pure and raw.  A place of deep, inner knowingness to cherish, protect and guide.  An infinite, abundant love that always ends in forgiveness.  An intuition so keen, as if to share the same heart.

These acts are those of a Mother.

Whether one births, adopts, takes-in or mentors. There is a magical seed buried in each woman's soul. Some bear their own children and some are Mother's to many other woman's children. This compassionate unconditional love and strength of a Mother is what rocks the cradle of the world and makes it a better place, one Mother at a time.

*A wise woman has the inner wisdom of her Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother and also the wisdom of her inner divine girl child.