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My 5 Favorite Essential Oils

A-Goddess-at-Ocean I love using essential oils.  I have an oil remedy for every situation and a scent memory with each oil.  Oil is natural and has the power to change your mood.  It can relax or lift you up and it can help attract or deter people.  Here are my top 5 favorite essential oils. 1. Lavender-  I use it before bed or anytime that I need to relax.  It's also a great oil to burn in the house to calm everyone down. 2. Bergamont-  I use this oil anytime I need a little uplifting.  It helps with motivation as well as depression, although I would not recommend it before bed because it is too stimulating. 3. Patchoulli-  I have been wearing patchouli for almost 20 years.  I was known as the "patchouli queen" in school.  This is a very distinct smell but the amazing thing is it smells different on everyone.  I love it for its earthy and grounding qualities.  I always wear a little as a base no matter what I do. 4. Sandalwood-  This oil is also a hearty earthy oil.  It is great for reinforcing a relationship or attracting love.  I always like to add a little lavender or Clary sage with this to make it even more alluring. 5. Citrus-  My favorite is grapefruit oil but lemon and orange are great as well.  This is an uplifting oil, known to help keep you sharp while studying and wearing citrus oils can also give off the appearance that you are younger than you are! Helpful tip-  When buying essential oils, always buy the purest form with no additives.  Try one to three different types at once but no more than that.  Experiment with yourself and find your own special scent.  See how you react to different oils and better yet how others respond to your alluring scent!