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We deserve to know what we are eating!!!

I am so saddened and frightened by the news that prop 37 did not pass. I couldn't believe that anybody in their right mind wouldn't want to know what they were eating! Especially genetically modified food! I thought it must be a conspiracy and/or people must have been misinformed or they would have voted yes! But the companies opposing it are some of the biggest in the world and they had so much funding that we didn't have a chance. In a desperate need to do something to change this for our health and our children's future I feel obligated to inform you of what I know and get the word out. We can not allow this!!! We demand to know what we are putting into our bodies! Please join me in boycotting any products made by these companies and only support local, organic ,GE free foods. If you know anybody that has fallen ill,unable to conceive,or suffered diseases like cancer and auto-immune disorders then you must help because GMOs could be the culprit! There are 62 other countries that have restrictions and complete bans on GMOs but the US and Canada do not require any labeling of genetically engineered foods. We must come together and demand to have a choice of what we eat. Every single one of us has the possibility to make a difference. Attached are links from the LA Times and The Huffington Post showing the names of the companies that funded the opposition of Prop 37, which of course has Monsanto at the top of the list and the deceitful way that they got voters to vote no! Also a very informative, must-see documentary series on GMOs. Lastly Take action by supporting organizations that support GE free foods.The Non-GMO Project even has an app so you can look up the foods you buy to ensure they are GE free. Why Prop 37 did not pass and who funded it Lies and Dirty Tricks to kill GMO Labeling

Take action!