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10 Ways You Can Be More Environmentally Conscious

Our very being depends on us taking care of Mother Earth. Do your part and know that every person doing a little makes a whole.

Share your knowledge with friends and family.

1. Reduce and reuse before you recycle and refuse to bring wasteful items into your home in the first place. Simply buying less stuff is the best route to lower emissions.

2. When you do need to make purchases, buy durable goods that last. Stop buying cheap, disposable items. Organize your office to switch to reusable dishes, utensils, and cups instead of disposables.

3. Eat fewer animal products. Most of us don't make this connection but the global livestock industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, planes, trains, and ships combined.

4. Bring your own canvas bags when you go shopping and not just for the grocery store, any store. Most states are finally banning plastic bags. Plastic bags end up in our oceans and pollute the environment.

5. Save the water. Turn the water off in between brushing your teeth, washing your face, shaving, and body scrubbing. Never leave the water carelessly running. If you are waiting for it to warm up, then place a bucket underneath and collect the water to use for plants or animals. Nothing should be wasted.

6. Turn off lights. Be mindful and turn off unnecessary lighting.

7. Eat organic when you can. Choosing organic is the best for you and Mother Earth. Organic food is grown without synthetic fertilizers that pollute the environment.

8. Walk, bike, use public transportation, and carpool to run errands or get to work.

9. Filter tap water. Do not support bottled water. It is not good for you and it is awful for the environment. Most of the plastic bottles end up in our oceans, fish eat the plastic, and then we eat the fish filled with plastic toxins. Get a good water filter and bottle it yourself.

10. Support companies that produce responsibly by using sustainable methods and recycled materials.

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