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13 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Family From Fukushima (Radiation)

With the recent, devastating news of Fukushima leaking radioactive materials directly into the ocean, our lives will never be the same. North American food supply is potentially being poisoned all along the pacific. Even if you are not a fan of sea food. The water supply and air is getting polluted. The sea spray contaminates the soil for crops and animals which can cause all kinds of health issues. I joined forces with my best friend Luba Vitti, whom is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and also a survivor of the infamous Chernobyl that happened in her country of Ukraine.  Over twenty years ago massive amounts of radioactive materials were released into the environment resulting in a radioactive cloud that spread over much of Eastern Europe and Russia. Thousands of people's health declined as a cause from this devastating disaster and Luba has told me many personal stories of friends and family having all kinds of cancer from leukemia to childhood thyroid cancer to deformities in new-born babies and animals. There are disputed reports of how long the government withheld the information because they didn't want people to panic so many were not aware and able to help themselves or their family. I am afraid that the same thing is happening now. Luba feels an obligation as a health coach and her childhood experience to share some of the knowledge she has acquired.
 *These suggestions are our opinions and how we have chosen to take action to protect our families. We do not promise to cure or heal those suffering from ill-health. It is always wise to speak with your doctor before starting any new supplement, herb, or medication.
This is how we empower ourselves-
1. Add foods to your diet that help protect and remove unwanted toxins- Phytonutrients, garlic, ginger, curcumin (in turmeric), long fermented miso, beta-carotene (bright orange veggies)rich foods, cilantro and tomato extract (Lycopene). Cleaning up our diet has never been more important. Our bodies are already working overtime trying to eliminate toxins so the choices we make can either help the process or make it harder for our systems to perform.
2. The 3 power greens- Spirulina, chlorophyll, and chlorella. My favorite blue-green algae is a brand called E3 Live. Adding one or two of these to your water, smoothies, or in pill form daily has numerous health benefits on your overall immune system.
3. Magical Mushrooms- Reishi mushrooms, cordyceps mushrooms and shitaki mushrooms have been use throughout Asian pharmacologies for centuries. Used for its potential to help fight cancer, tumors, increase longevity, improve liver function and maintain a healthy immune system.
4. Herbal remedies- Panax ginseng, one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world. Famous more for its ability to improve concentration but it also has a deep impact on the immune system. Helping to fight cancer, fatigue, high blood pressure, and hepatitis C to name a few. Rhodiola- An Adaptogenic herb, which means that it responds to your body in nonspecific ways to increase resistance to stress and boost overall strength and vitality without disturbing biological functions. Known for treating cancer, tuberculosis and preventing aging and liver damage. It helps the body resist physical, chemical and environmental stress.
5. Supplements- Vitamin D3, K2 and E. Most of us are deficient in Vitamin D3, no matter how much sun we get or not, sometimes our body does not assimilate it. That is where Vitamin K2 comes in. It acts as an assistant to help get D3 to the place it needs to be....your bones. When our bodies do not get the calcium or sufficient nutrients it needs, it pulls from another source and the source could be toxic, as in radiation, lead, mercury. When your body is content and assimilating all that it needs through a healthy diet and supplementation then it is less likely to absorb harsh chemicals. Natural source of K2 : fermented veggies, organic nato, curd cheese...Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties that plays a huge role in fighting free radicals that can prevent or delay chronic diseases. Vitamin E is found naturally in some foods like avocado, nuts, olive oil, sunflower seeds... but with a west coast soil being poisoned and lacking nutrients it is ideal to take supplementation.
6. Amino acids- Cystine is a sulfur-containing amino acid. It is an active antioxidant and detoxifier that protects against radiation and is an ingredient of glutathione, which is essential to energy production.
7. Plants- Aloe vera and Holy Basil (tulsi). Aloe vera can be taken orally and applied topically. It has been known to ease side effects from radiation and is a natural laxative with soothing agents.Holy basil is another aptogen, originally from India and used a lot in Ayurvedic medicine. It is used for everything from the common cold to mercury poisoning, which is why it made my list. You can drink holy basil tea daily as part of your diet.
8. Coconut oil- Coconut oil has numerous health benefits including natural antibacterial properties and can be taken orally and also applied to the skin for protection. Also great for kids! Use anytime you need a cooking oil, especially high heat, as it does not create carcinogens when heated, like olive oil. Add to smoothies, oatmeal and apply liberally to skin and hair.
9. Sodium iodide-Used in treatment of iodine deficiency and used in radiation detection. Deficiency of iodine may result in thyroid dysfunctions, as sodium iodide is oxidized to iodine, which is an essential component of the thyroid hormones. It is a delicate balance that is required for optimal health but can be harmful to those with hyperthyroid. We highly suggest talking to your doctor to find the adequate amount for you and your family.
10. Melatonin- Melatonin is another powerful antioxidant that can prevent cancer, strengthen immune system and even slow down cellular aging. Your body naturally creates the hormone (melatonin) based on signals of light and darkness. Our biological clock gets stimulated. That is why it is best to avoid too many lights, televisions, computers close to bed time. Otherwise lights mean daytime to your internal clock and instructs your pineal gland to immediately cease its production of melatonin.
11. Activated charcoal- Growing up my mom would give me an activated charcoal if I had any food poisoning, it simply traps the toxins . And I don't leave a house with out it , its great for kids and animals. And guess what...? Activated charcoal helps to effectively remove radionuclides. When taken internally it can bind radionuclides in the GI tract form ingested food and unfiltered water, and carry them all safely out of the body, just don't forget to drink lots of water or you might get constipated.
12. Bentonite Clay - (similar effect as charcoal) strong absorption of toxins, pesticides, pathogenic viruses , free radicals, and radiation.  Its been taking for ages by many cultures for detoxification. Since it has a binding agent as well so its best if taken with phsyllium or some of those 'smooth' teas
13. Detox/cleanse- Try to cleanse and detox at least 4 times a year, sweat it out with exercise and infrared saunas, schedule a lymphatic drainage massages. Your health is truly up to you, not up to your government.. We wish you all the best!
*I can not stress enough how important it is to talk to your doctor before adding any new supplements or herbal remedies to your diet. Seek as much information as you can and take control over you and your family's health. The only true way to determine where you are deficient in supplements is through blood work. *Denial is the cause of great tragedy. Accept, empower, and be open to change. This must become our credo for human existence.-Jesse Golden

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  • Steve Dudley on March 27, 2017

    I was reading that mushrooms and seaweed are likely to have absorbed a lot of radiation if in the fallout zone or the Pacific Ocean. How can one tell if they are radiation free?

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  • Michael on March 27, 2017

    Hello to all, how is all, I think every one is getting more from this web page, and your views are nice
    in favor of new viewers.

  • goldenyogi on March 27, 2017

    Yes that is the sad truth….it is a time where we need to be wiser than ever, regarding our food supply and its origin. In an ideal world I would suggest harvesting your own or making friends with someone who does:)

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