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4 Natural Ways To Create A More Chiseled Jawline

Here are 4 natural ways to create a more chiseled jawline, lift sagging skin and create more symmetry in the face:

1. Breath through your nose. Mouth breathing changes the facial structure and can create an undesirable look & many health issues. Nose breathing can correct it. 

The simple act of being conscious of how you are breathing can not only change your facial structure for the better but mouth breathing is associated with crooked teeth, bad breath, gum disease, brain fog, dark circles under the eyes and so much more. If you know that you are a mouth breather when you sleep, look into mouth tape to retain your body.

2. The Golden Secrets Sorceress Gua Sha Beauty Tool has the ability to retrain the way the patterns of the face, muscles and skin functions- giving you a more sculpted look. The Sorceress Stone has therapeutic benefits & anti-aging trace elements that far exceed any other stone on the market.

This is by far the most effective and holistic option for those seeking a natural, long term way to retrain the skin and face. All day long we are making certain expressions and this repetitive pattern can cause an undesirable effect on the face. That along with toxic build u and lymph that likes to deposit along our jawline can easily be smoothed and flushed out, naturally sculpting the jawline and giving you a more youthful appearance.

3. Mewing. Mewing is a technique created in the 1970's by Dr. John Mew, in which he discovered that tongue placement has the ability to change the shape of the jawline. He recognized that our ancestors had much bigger jawlines than most people today and one of the major causes, besides nutrient deficiencies is mouth breathing. In todays toxic environment, and allergy prone world, along with softer foods being eaten meaning less chewing is happening, our jawlines have shrunk and with that comes crowded teeth and a less aesthetically pleasing face.

Yes, you heard that right. Simple, correct tongue posture can help to naturally lift the face, create symmetry and grows the face forward.

This is a simple exercise you can try. Place your tongue so that it is fully covering your pallet, then keep it there while you bite down. If you are a mouth breather, this will be difficult for you. Keep practicing until it is easy.

4. Chewing. I talk about the importance of chewing in my book. Not only for digestion but for mental clarity but one new aspect is the affect it has on your facial structure. Chewing stimulates the bones of the cranial facial complex to grow. Make sure when you are chewing to alternate or chew on your non-dominant side to create more balance & symmetry in the face.

HERE is a Reel I made to learn more and see an example of mewing.

Other product recommendations to help facilitate in lifting sagging skin and sculpting the jawline:



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