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5 Mama Tricks for Magical Mamas to be

Mother's are the most magical people in the world. Especially the queen of all Mothers, Mother Nature. Organically, Mother's are gifted with tools and resources so that they can take care of their baby and Mother Nature can take care of us. All we have to do is go back to the basics before there were super markets that overwhelmed us with choices. The best gifts are those we naturally have inside of ourselves and right in our back yard.

Here are some Mama tricks that will come in handy.

1. Breast milk-  Breast milk is possibly the best food your baby will ever get but it's benefits are not limited to just being a superfood. Mother's milk has antibodies in it that can't be found anywhere else on earth so its ability to heal can be used for anything from  a stuffy nose to a boo boo. Squirt your breast milk directly into your little ones nose to help relieve congestion or put it on any scratch or rash instead of harsh chemicals or neosporin. Believe it or not but breasts were given to woman filled with one of the most precious resources on Earth. There is nothing more beautiful and right than that. Here is a link to a previous post on how to increase your milk supply.

2. Cabbage leaf- Cabbage leaves have been used for centuries to pull out inflammation. They work wonders on clogged breast ducts, which is called mastitis and mastitis is not uncommon to get while you are breast feeding. Just put a whole cabbage leaf on the breast while sleeping and the cabbage magically heals the breast overnight. This also works wonders for your little ones ear infections or tooth aches. Use the whole cabbage leaf as a compress and it will pull the inflammation out naturally.

3. Placenta- Woman birth the placenta after they birth the baby. The placenta is the life force that feeds the baby while in the womb. There are many cultures that eat the placenta to reclaim all that is lost during labor. If this sounds too intense for you then you can dry it out and put them into capsules to take in pill form. It is said that if you eat the placenta then you will never be able to tell you had a baby. There are far more vain things us woman do to be beautiful and healthy and that includes using animal placenta for hair and face products, at least if you consume yours you know where its coming from:)

4. Comfrey Leaf- leaf contains allantoin, which can also be found in the placenta and breast milk. Allantoin is a cell proliferative that makes cells grow faster so comfrey leaf is a very powerful healing herb. After labor it is common to have a vaginal tear so soak maxi pads in comfrey leaf and freeze. Place frozen pads in underwear for relief. This same concept can be used on any sore, broken bones or stitches.

5. Chamomile Plant- Chamomile is best known in herbal teas to calm anxiety and settle upset stomachs. I couldn't imagine a more perfect herb for Mommy and Baby. Always check with your pediatrician or naturopath doctor before giving herbs to your baby but chamomile tea has been known to help with colicky babies. Chamomile oil can also be applied to babies belly for a soothing belly rub to relieve gas. New Moms can sip on chamomile tea to help relieve the stress and anxiety of being a new parent.

* There is nothing more powerful than the healing touch of a Mother.- Jesse Golden

Comments (2)

  • goldenyogi on March 27, 2017

    Thank you:) I should do an entire post on that topic….thank you for the inspiration:) It has been so long since I had my son so the choices that are available now are probably much better. Saying that I always chose natural prenatal vitamins and chose to take Floridix for my iron supplemenation rather than a prescription of ferrous sulphate:) xo

  • Kristen on March 27, 2017

    Hi Jesse
    Great tips, as usual. Just curious about some of your prenatal secrets. Did you take a tradtional prenatal vitamin? If so, can you recommend one? Thanks!

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