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5 Stages of Love/Day 5

Final Honeymoon -   

This is the final stage. The stage that kept our grandparents together for over 65 years. The stage where real true love is derived from. Once you have gone through all the gunk and mess of finding out about each others wounds and tics and go through the lessons that your partner puts right in front of you, you come to a place of selfless/unconditional love. Choosing to love that person, knowing all their flaws and strengths and being by their side no matter what. It has depth and substance in comparison to the first honeymoon phase. There is lust and passion like never before built from all the experiences you have gone through together. You can't imagine your life without this person and you find gratitude in every day spent together. It is a choice everyday and everyday you choose love.

*Forever is not a word...rather a place where two lovers go when true love takes them there.

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