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5 Ways to Manifest with The New Super Moon & Spring Equinox

Today is a very special day, as there will be a solar eclipse, a new super moon and spring equinox. The eternal triangle! A trio of magical goodness that you can use to your advantage if you plant the positive seeds of affirmation today. In history, Friday has always been a chosen day for love spells as it is considered the "day of Venus" governed by love and new moon spells have a symbolic essence to them, as they are the beginning and with each day grow bigger. Supplies you will need: Sage or incense, a candle, herbal tea, pen and paper, magazines, pictures, scissors, glue, poster board,crystal or other piece of jewelry or trinket you love.

1. Set the mood by lighting a candle and making yourself a cup of herbal tea. Always begin a ceremony with a cleansing of the space. You can do this by burning incense, sage, or other herbs (smudging) symbolizing the start of your spell, intention, or manifestation.

2. Speak aloud that you want to gain clarity and have a clear vision to move forward with your goals and dreams. And that you want what is best for the highest good of your soul's development and all concerned.

3. Begin writing down your desires. Do not hesitate or feel selfish. This is your time to ask the Universe. Don't worry how she will get it to you. It can be one word at a time or a more elaborate explanation. There are no rules, except remove doubt.

4. Create a vision board with your most imPOSSIBLE dreams. Be sure to not have any sad, depressed, images on there and not more than one lover image, unless of course you seek that. Have the board signify everything you desire and want in life.

5. Finally, hold a crystal in your hand (or a trinket,or jewelry that you love) and put all that positive energy into the crystal. While holding the crystal recite what you wrote down out loud and look at your final vision board. Finish with the way you began, by burning sage and a closing prayer, thanking the New Moon Goddess for all of her blessings.

* At this New Moon, plant seeds for the Universe to tend. Set your vision upon the stars.

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