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7 Ways To Get A Golden Tan From The Inside Out (Even in the Winter)

It seems most people desire a golden tan. Spending hours in the sun only to get burned or end up with sun damage. Or attempting self tanner, only to look orange and then spotty for days after. People always compliment me on my skin color, yes I have my parents to thank but I have noticed a lack of glow and color when I am not doing my little tricks that I have acquired over the years.

Shhh....don't tell but these tips are about to make you a Golden Goddess or God.  

1. B12 - a deficiency in B12 can cause you to feel tired, forgetful and pale. Yes, pale! Because B12 plays an essential role in red blood cell formation. Efficient absorption is needed to have color to your skin. It is best to get B12 from rich foods such as animal liver, beef, sardines, clams, eggs and dairy products.

Beta carotene- Proof is in the pudding....when my son was a baby, I gave him too many carrots and sweet potatoes and well he turned orange! This is seen more in babies because at first their diet consists of mostly vegetables and not much of anything else. I recommend drinking at least one cup of carrot juice a day and yams or sweet potatoes once or twice a week for a tint of color. 

3. Astaxanthin-  Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that gives salmon and flamingo their pink hue. It will also give you a golden glow! As well as internally protect you from sun damage and help remove scars and age spots. Eating salmon alone will not give you the benefits of Astaxanthin, as you would have to eat massive amounts. Saying that, salmon has numerous other benefits and is a great option if you eat fish. Read more about Astaxanthin here.

4. Sweat- Sweat it out and release toxins from your body to make your skin glow. I always say my skin looks best after a steam or an amazing yoga class where I sweat. I call it my "yoga glow". Sweat releases toxins that would otherwise not be able to be released. Bringing blood to the surface, opening up your pores and letting your skin breath and shine.

5. Sun- Yes you do need some sun. It is healthy and vital in small doses. I love the sun and when I don't have it, I miss it. Growing up in Chicago I would get very sad during the long winters so I am very grateful to now live in sunny California. Saying that, I used to believe that the sun had to be blazing in order to reap its benefits. That is simply not true. I believe in being in natural sunlight at least 20 minutes a day even if it is overcast. Click here to read more benefits of sunshine.

6. Hydration- Hydrate internally and externally. Be sure to drink adequate amounts of water and electrolytes. I am a big fan of coconut water as it is more hydrating than Gatorade and a lot better for you. Moisturize daily with a chemical free, natural moisturizer. Organic coconut oil is great! Dry skin can make you look ashy and grey. Hydrate from the inside out with lots of veggie juice, herbal teas, kombucha, and coconut water.

7. Body Scrub- I am a huge advocate of scrubbing and I mean scrubbing until the skin is red. This is practiced regular in many Asian and European cultures to get rid of dead skin cells and help release toxins, creating smooth skin. I used to think that scrubbing would fade my tan but it is quite the contrary. It brings blood and circulation to the surface, which creates a beautiful natural tone to your skin color.

* No matter what shade of skin you have, if you nourish your body with good foods, love and light then you will glow from the inside out.  


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