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Master Your Skincare Routine

Mastering your skincare routine isn't as difficult as the beauty industry wants you to think.

The main keys are:

1. High quality, non-toxic, organic ingredients

2. Consistency

3. Mindful Intention behind each application

Keep these three facts in mind:

1. Chemicals keep products on the shelf longer, not your skin.

2. Your skin cells turnover every 28 days and as we age this rate decreases so give new products enough time to work and allow your skin to transition into it's new healthy state. 

3. Think about the results you want to create, not the results you don't. 

skincare routine

Recommended oil cleansing with the Heal All Oil. This technique will change your skin! By using the Heal All Oil instead of a soap, you support your skin’s natural microbiome. Soap strips away the natural oils that your skin needs.

If you think you are too oily to do this, you are wrong. Simple chemistry teaches us that like dissolves like.

1. Apply oil to dry face and massage it into the skin, including eye area if you have make up debris to take off.

2. Take a warm wet wash cloth and gently wipe away the oil from your skin.

3. You can repeat this step if you have a lot of make up on. be sure to massage the oil into the skin and wipe with a warm, wet washcloth.

4. Finally apply the Heal All Oil to your skin one last time and now use our exfoliating towel, get it damp and using small circular motions begin to exfoliate your skin. Paying special attention to the t-zone. Finish with one rinse and wipe dry.

skincare products

Aura Clearing Mist uses and application:

1. After cleansing, spray the Aura Clearing Mist onto a cotton swab and wipe your skin clean to get any remainder debris.

2. Prior to any oil application it is always wise to hydrate the face with the Aura Clearing Mist. The floral water allows the oil to better penetrate the skin. You never want to put oil on completely dry skin.

3. Spray anytime throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated- one of the best anti-aging secrets there is. You can also set your make up, clear your head as well as brighten and lift your complexion.

Instant Glow Facial Mask Recommendations:

1. Always exfoliate with our exfoliating towel or Tantra Body Powder prior to application. This ensures that you have removed all the dead skin cells and the mask can penetrate the skin better.

2. Add a little water or fluid at a time. The thicker the mask, the more potent. We love a thick consistency. Too watered down and you lose a lot of the benefits.

3. Results are consecutive. I repeat, results are consecutive so do this mask a minimum of 2x per week.


Face oil application: Depending on how your skin feels, if you have sensitive/acne prone skin then use the Heal All Oil. If anti-aging is your main concern then use the Youth Beauty Face Oil.

1. Place a few drops into the palms of your hands, rub your hands together and press the oil into your skin, neck and decolette.

2. Layer and mix the Heal All and the Youth Beauty for a complete skin rejuvenation.

3. Spot treat acne, redness, inflamed skin with the Heal All Oil.


Sculpt and lift with our 24k Gold Pulse Firming Beauty Tool:

1. Always make sure you have enough oil on your skin so that the tool can easily glide, never pull the skin.

2. Always move in mindful, upward strokes. the direction you want your skin to go except at the end you can lightly bring everything down the neck and lymph.

3. Consistency is key with natural modalities. Unlike botox or fillers where we kill the muscles and deaden the skin, we are bringing the blood flow and oxygen to your skin back to life! Retraining the muscles to lift and changing the quality of your skin.

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