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Behind The Model: Meet Miska

At The Golden Secrets, we choose models that not only love and use The Golden Secrets but embody the Golden Secrets Lifestyle in real life.

Behind The Model: Who is Miska Sykora?

model, athlete, avid surfer, traveler, wellness seeker, lover of nature


Q1: What Does Skincare Mean To You?

Being that skin is the largest organ of the body, I think it provides so much information about our overall health (inside and out). So skincare, to me, is taking care of my body internally and externally. Whether that means using only natural oils on my face (once you go Golden Secrets, you just don’t go back), staying hydrated with natural spring water, or making sure I’m making conscious efforts to eliminate toxins in my food or home.


Q2: Top 3 Tips To Keep Your Glow & Age Gracefully?

1. I’m realizing now, as a 31 year old model, that the less time we fixate on our appearance and try to trick time, the less stressed we become. Allowing a sense of flow in life and learning to enjoy what feels better than running after something we are not. And trust, that internal joy turns into an external glow no amount of makeup or Botox will ever come close to emulating.

2. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before but it’s for a reason- prioritizing sleep! For me, this is a big one. I’ll notice a difference with just one night of a short slumber; in my face, my body, my mood, etc. A 8-9 hour sleeping window is optimal for me.

3. Moving my body! I genuinely believe it’s all connected. Perfect example - when I go surfing and see someone in their 60s, or 70s fluidly moving on their board across waves, they seem ageless. There’s this external youth that they exude. So you can count on me to surf and move my body for the rest of my time on this planet.


Q3: Favorite AM/PM Skincare Ritual?

I’ll preface this by saying I only use The Golden Secrets since trying my first bottle over 4 years ago. I follow Jesse’s am/pm protocol and swear by it. AM: I apply Heal All Oil, wash, pat my face with a Glowing Facial Cloth, and sprits Aura Beauty Mist, get about 4-5 drops of Youth Beauty in my hands, mix between both hands, and pat my face, neck, and chest. Followed by a couple of drops of Heal All Oil If my face is feeling tired that day I’ll use the Sorceress Stone Gua Sha Beauty Tool or the Gold Pulse Firming Face Wand PM: Another Heal All Oil wash to refresh my face after the day. Finishing with a few sprays of Aura Beauty Mist and a few drops of Youth Beauty. And when I remember to I incorporate an Instant Glow Facial Mask after washing my face. 

Q4: What Does Living The Golden Secrets Life Mean To You?

It’s about living gracefully, naturally, and self-lovingly to me. It encompasses a whole lifestyle that resonates with me. Whenever I question ‘Is this good for me’, I’ve learned to avoid mainstream media gimmicks and trends that have a selfish agenda behind them. Instead, I reference The Golden Secrets blog, ebooks, or The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health Book. It’s all based on centuries of traditions and natural remedies, some of which I remember my European mama practicing as a kid. I want to be a part of carrying on those traditions.


Q5: Lastly, What's Your Favorite TGS Product?

It's hard to choose a favorite because each product is undeniably good and specific to the concerns it targets. I will go on record and say that I couldn’t go a day without The Youth Beauty Face Oil

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