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Crystal Therapy and How To Do It

For centuries, crystals have been used to heal, clear, and beautify their owners. Their mystical powers often surpass reality and their long lasting presence in health care stands the test of time.

You might say, but Jesse, how do I choose a crystal? Easy, let it choose you!

Crystals are an abundance of energy and the one for you will seek you and vice versa. This is not a time to contemplate or think. Let your intuition, your knowingness guide you and be open to what it tells you, even if it is not the most beautiful crystal there.

Crystals absorb energies. This could be good or bad energy. They are magic transmuters. Meaning, if there is negative energy somewhere then the crystal will do the job of absorbing it, rather than you.

They are the ultimate cleaners and absorbers of anything negative. For this reason, we need to keep our crystals clean so that they too can stay strong. The best ways to clean crystals is to smudge them with sage, mugwort, sandalwood, or another herb you desire. Another way is to place them in the sun for the day and let the suns rays clean them and lasty cleaning in salt water, there is an exception as some quarts can disinegrate in salt water, so be mindful.

There are a few rules when healing yourself or others with crystals. When wearing crystals, be cautious of having any crystals with points that face up towards the face. This is common in some crystal jewelry. The energy directed upward could cause too much energy to be directed in one place and could cause headaches. Also be mindful with crystals when pregnant, as the energy could be too activating.

In Feng Shui, it is suggested not to have crystals permanently in the bedroom, as it represents a third person in the relationship. So unless you want that, I suggest placing the crystals in a more desired area of your home.

Genuine crystals will always be cold to the touch so they make great compresses for achy body parts. Think outside the box... Massage your body with a round crystal. Give your face an uplifting massage with a wand crystal.

If you are sick or need healing, surround yourself with your crystals and let them heal you while you sleep. This is an exception for the bedroom crystals as it is not a permenant circumstance. Sore throat? wear a blue topaz crystal around your neck.

Feeling heart broken? Keep rose quarts close to your heart.

Work on your computer everyday? Place a crystal on either side of the desktop to absorb the radiation, so you don't have to.

When it comes to crystals and healing, let them speak to you and do what organically feels best for your body. Experiment in wearing them and holding them and see for yourself just how magical they are.

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