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Essentials Oils ~ Elevate Your Inner Glow

Essential Oils have been one of my "golden secrets" long before I created The Golden Secrets. People used to constantly ask me what scent I was wearing and where they could buy it, and long story short… that is how TGS came about! It all started with the Signature Blend Oil - my very first product that I released to the public and still wear every single day.

The power of scent is underestimated, it can completely transform your mood and uplift your spirits. Different scents bring out different emotions - lavender can make you feel calm and grounded, jasmine can promote a sense of harmony in your life, and lemon can make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

The Power of Scent

Studies have shown that scents and smells travel through the olfactory bulb, part of your limbic system and the emotional center of the brain, which means that certain scents can bring back memories from years ago, alter your emotions, and make you feel sexier, happier, calmer, or focused depending on what scent you’re wearing.

However, not all scents are created equal. The essential oil market is huge and gets bigger every year with more and more people investing in their health and well-being. Unfortunately, many of these fragrances, perfumes, and essential oils you see in the skincare and beauty market are synthetically derived, filled with chemicals, and do not deliver the benefits promised. To get real long-term benefits, you need natural essential oils without all the fillers, additives, and synthetic scents. 

Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic fragrances found in many of your traditional perfumes do not have the same mood-boosting properties as essential oils. Beauty companies are not required to disclose their fragrance on the ingredient label, which means you really have no idea what kinds of chemicals are in the product. Check out my blog post Is Your Perfume Making You Sick to learn more about this and how to steer clear of these products.

Opt for The Highest Quality Essential Oils

At TGS we only use the highest quality essential oils that are a product of steam distillation or CO2 extraction. 100% natural, non-toxic, non-GMO, organic, wildcrafted, plant-derived, sustainably sourced, cruelty free, and free of parabens, phthalates & all synthetics.

We carefully select all of our ingredients, taking into consideration sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices. Knowing that plant botanicals are most effective when the farmer, herbalist, manufacturer and distributor all support the plants nourishing and healing qualities. Through our small batch process, we are able to embrace this quality of care.

When you use our products, your body, mind, and emotions attune to the very life force (prana) of the plant. Each plant offers a wide range of properties, or effects, yet each person draws from these properties individually, depending on their own needs. Harmonizing to your particular constitution and amplifying the potential to heal. Completely shifting your mind-body dynamic in a positive way and raising your electromagnetic frequency.

Our skin is our biggest organ so what we put onto it matters. So if we are eating organic and exercising and then loading up our system with toxic perfumes & lotions that disrupt the delicate balance of our body chemistry, then we are doing a disservice to ourselves.

The Golden Secrets supports and helps to restore your mind, body and it’s many functions for optimal health and well-being.

Signature Blend Oil

Our Signature Blend Oil is a high vibrational, organic, synergistic blend of essential oils that work with your own body chemistry to create an alluring scent as unique as you. Based on ancient formulas to entice love, romance, abundance and strength. Known to calm, balance, and uplift your spirit and those around you. The scent is a clean citrus, floral blend with sensual earthy top notes.

Signature Blend Oil can help in a variety of areas including the following:

  • Lack of self love
  • Desire romance
  • Unclear, airy
  • Tired, weak
  • Anxious
  • Emotional
  • Lack courage


Signature Blend Oil contains all natural ingredients and is 100% vegan, free of GMOs, parabens, gluten, synthetic fragrances or chemicals, and is USDA Certified Organic. You can read more about each ingredient in the product description here.

Kaleo - Divine Oil

Kaleo Divine Oil is your spiritual armor. Harness the spirit of your youth, the wisdom of your ancestors and heal your inner child with the comforting spiritual armor of Kaleo. Awakens your intuition for deep wisdom and clarity. Opens your heart and the door to compassion and balances emotions to cultivate strength and inner peace. 

KALEO has warm, creamy, woodsy, sturdy, rich notes that gives this unisex blend its smooth, addictive, satisfying comfort. 

Kaleo Divine Oil can help in a variety of areas including the following:

  • Lack of compassion
  • Feeling lost
  • Seeks grounding
  • Unclear
  • Emotional Imbalance
  • Broken heart


Kaleo Divine Oil contains all natural Ingredients - a synergistic blend of high vibrational, organic essential oils, 100 % Vegan, Free of GMOs, parabens, and gluten. You can read more about each ingredient in the product description here.

Personalized Blend

Our Personalized Blend is a 100% one of a kind customized synergistic blend.

Handcrafted and tailored for your personal disposition. By asking you 18 questions based on Ayurvedic principles, holistic knowledge, aromatherapy and astrological aspects, Jesse Golden personally formulates the ideal blend to support and nurture your specific needs then charges it with high vibrational energy and prayer. Each bottle comes with specific affirmations to recite (just for you) to further enhance the benefits.

Every essential oil offers a wide range of properties, or effects on our mind and body, yet each of us draws from these properties individually, depending on our own needs.

When you receive a custom blend based on your specific needs, the innate intelligence of the plants essence captured in the blend is amplified. Allowing your body, mind and its many functions to immediately benefit. Helping to relieve any imbalances and restoring the vital energy or “life force” (prana) needed for optimal health.

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