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Every Day Checklist for a Healthier Bod

It's the things we do in our daily routines that create the ultimate results we desire.

1. Positive attitude- There will no doubt be challenges every single day but it is our goal to try and stay positive despite these obstacles. The tests will continue to come, we just have to become better students.

2. Hydration- Drink purified, clean water throughout your day. This will help your body flush and remove unwanted toxins and build up within the intestines and other organs. If you are not releasing as much as you are eating or taking in, then there is an imbalance and most likely you need more fluids and roughage (fiber) in your daily diet.

3. Fruits and veggies first. Always eat the colorful foods on your plate first. This excludes food that has been colored with food coloring, like skittles. Some say, eat only fruit until noon.

4. Walk- Preferably after each meal. Don't wait for your food to settle. A nice brisk walk will encourage and assist your body in proper absorption. However, refrain from intense working out right after eating as this can disrupt the digestive process. Another reason to walk is, studies show that even a 10 minute walk immediately boosts brain chemistry to increase happiness.

5. Listen to your body- Some days you will be more active and need more calories. Other days you will be less active and your body won't crave as much nutrition. Let go of the old idea, three square meals per day with snacks in between. Overeating just once a week can cause harm to your body. Choose to listen to what your body needs each day. The more you listen, the louder and wiser that voice becomes.

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