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What Does Your Face Say About You? Face Mapping Explained

The mind-body connection has become common knowledge, but what about the face-body connection?

 For better or for worse, your complexion is a window into the state of your overall health. What’s going on inside will almost always, to some degree, show up on the outside. From hydration and stress levels to nutrition, hormones, even energetic blockages. If you want beautiful, radiant skin, the work begins within!

 Chinese Medicine pioneered this concept with face mapping; an ancient diagnostics tool used to understand and address all dermatological concerns.

 How it Works: Face mapping segments the regions of your face and ascribes each zone to a corresponding organ. For example, acne on your cheeks can be attributed to an imbalance in your liver. While this approach isn’t comprehensive enough to be backed by scientific evidence, here’s what I love about it: instead of getting upset and overwhelmed by skin imperfections, face mapping teaches us to learn the language that our skin speaks. It opens up a conversation with yourself, encouraging you to tune in and ask your body what it needs. What is this breakout trying to tell you? What is it communicating about your recent lifestyle choices? What environmental factors might be playing a role? No more berating yourself for every blemish. You are now your own proactive problem solver! Face mapping won’t provide all of the answers- but it can certainty get you to start asking the right questions.  

 Takeaway: Skin is a messenger we’ve all been blessed with, and skincare is caring about what it has to say. It’s about listening to its feedback and responding from a place of wisdom and self-love. The day you start seeing symptoms as signals, is the day you step into your power and take healing into your own hands!

Ready to take the first step? Our Heal All Oil is the only *single ingredient product that, by nature, targets over 10 skin related issues. There might not be one magical formula that works for every-body, but Tamanu is the closest thing you’ll find to the holy grail.


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