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Finger Reflexology to Balance Emotions & Pain

Every finger is connected to an organ and emotion. Just a couple of minutes a day can help relieve and ease common ailments and emotional imbalances.

Forefinger: digestive disorders, back pain, muscle pain, toothache

Middle Finger:Menstrual pain, migraine headaches, fatigue, poor circulation.

Ring Finger:Asthma, respiratory problems, digestive issues, skin disorders.

Little Finger:heart disease, problems with bones, sore throat.

Heres some finger reflexology exercises you can do:

1. Locate the area that needs attention either physically or emotionally and apply pressure for a few minutes, (3-5) while you focus on your breath.

2. Use your favorite Golden Secrets oil to help massage and equilibrate the energy that is vital for your emotional and physical health.

3. Use an acupuncture ring and roll it up and down each finger for 3-5 minutes.

Repeat and practice daily.

Fill the space in between your daily routines with mindfulness techniques that will help to make you more productive and living your best life possible.



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