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Guided Meditation To Find Out Your Spirit Animals

I believe that each of us emit qualities of certain animals throughout our lives. I also believe that different animals come in to help us on our journey when we steer off track or need guidance. Sometimes we need to be as free as a bird and other times, ferocious as a panther. Tuning into different animal strengths during different phases of our lives. These animals are totems or spirit animals. Many of us know what spirit animal guides we have within us or surrounding ourselves already because we have been drawn to them since adolescence. Maybe collecting jewelry or artwork of a particular animal or feeling you carry the same qualities of a certain animal. Spirit animals might be animals you often dream of or that you constantly see in a particular time of your life, sending you a message of guidance. New animals will and can come in during different times in one's life but generally most of us have a handful of spirit animal guides in a lifetime.

Here is a meditation/relaxation technique to find out yours. This will not work if you hesitate and question yourself, just let your imagination go & your first instinct guide you. Get in a comfortable position, preferably lying down. Let go of anything you are touching or holding onto and let your body completely relax into the earth. Start at the top of your head, moving downward towards your feet and with each exhale release and let go. Letting your body completely relax and become heavy with each breath. Let thoughts come in, acknowledge them and let them go. Notice your bellies rise on the inhale and lowering on the exhale. Now imagine yourself walking in nature. Maybe you see green grass, maybe you see more of a desert theme or a body of water. Look all around, circling in a Β 360 degree view and take in all of your surroundings. There is no wrong answer, go with your first instinct. When you look in a distance you see a very large tree. A tree of life, as such, all by itself. As you walk towards the tree you feel the wind on your cheeks and you take in and acknowledge the scent of the air. With each step closer to the tree you start to see all different types of animals around and in the tree. Go with what you see, do not question anything. There is no animal too big or too small. As you look up and down and all around more and more animals start to appear. There is no fear, as all the animals are all together in harmony. You stay and connect with each and every animal spirit that shows itself, taking time to implant that energy into every cell of your being to harness it when need be. You listen closely for any message each animal spirit guide has for you. Once your heart is content, you lay down under the tree and take a nap. You take three deep inhales and slowly blink open your eyes. Slowly let your body come to and know that you have your animal kingdom and tree of life to go to whenever you need it.

*There are many great voices of wisdom but not all of them are human. Click here to find out the meaning of each animal.

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