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Can a Weekly Bath Change Your Life?

If you are looking to add more balance and relaxation into your week without having to leave the comfort of your home then this is for you.

The healing ritual of bathing has been used for centuries to cleanse your aura, chakras, and of course heal your body and sooth your soul.

For glowing, super-hydrated beautiful skin and a peace of mind. This bath is a weekly must! 

Heres how to create your own healing bath ritual that best suits your needs:

Identify the areas in which you feel unbalanced  and incorporate the recommended oils, gemstones, and tea into your bath.

1. To begin, Focus on exactly where you feel unbalanced. Tuning in to the present can lead to deeper healing by quickly bringing to the surface the possible causes of your current discomfort and resistance. Read through the recommended oils, colors, herbs and gemstones below, then choose which one initially calls out to you. Gather the tools you will need once you have decided.

2. Add the suggested gemstones to your tub before running your bath water. If the gemstones are small, place them in a cloth or mesh bag to keep from losing them. 

3. Run your warm bath and add 1 cup of Himalayan or Epsom salt to help you relax and support cleansing.

4. Create a calming ambience with candles or colored light bulbs associated with your choice. Music is also a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Once the bathtub is filled, add 8 to 10 drops of your desired Golden Secrets Products.

6. If you want to sip a calming tea while in the bath, make a pot of the desired tea listed below and drink a cup while you soak and place the remainder into the tub to soak in the herbal benefits.

7. Soak until the water becomes cool. Release the drain and visualize all your problems going down the drain with the water.

8. Dry off thoroughly and seal in the moisturizing and healing benefits of the Golden Secrets Bath Ritual by putting on a warm robe and socks.


Focus: Immune and Glandular system

Unbalanced: Low energy, moody, inflammation

Balanced: Confidence, contentment, young spirited and truthful

Color: Blue

Gemstones: Turquoise, blue calcite, aquamarine

Herbal Tea: Tumeric and Dandelion root


Focus: Reproductive system

Unbalanced: Low self-esteem, female issues

Balance: Enhances physical strength, courage, power and sexuality.

Color: Red

Gemstones: Ruby, black tourmaline, red garnet

Herbal Tea: Raspberry, Jasmine (add 1/2 teaspoon of The Sacred Golden Lotus Pollen)


Focus: Ovaries/testes

Unbalanced: Emotionally unbalanced, sensitive, depressed

Balanced: Increases creativity, sexual flow and brings joy

Color: Orange

Gemstones: Orange carnelian, orange calcite, aragonite

Herbal Tea: Cinnamon bark


Focus: Adrenals/pancreas

Unbalanced: Fearful, judgmental, refusal to grow

Balanced: Strengthens personal power, raises self-esteem, knowledge and wisdom

Color: Yellow

Gemstones: Pyrite, tiger's eye, citrine

Herbal Tea: Ginger and mint


Focus: Pituitary

Unbalanced: Obsessive, closed minded

Balanced: Intuition, spirituality, abundance and prosperity.

Color: Indigo

Gemstones: Moonstone, sodalite, lapis lazuli

Herbal Tea: Schizandra berry, Chamomile


Focus: Thymus, fatigue

Unbalanced: Temper, fear of loss

Balanced: Love unconditionally, voice of the heavens, compassion, grounded

Color: Green, pink

Gemstones: Rose quartz, jade, kunzite

Herbal Tea: Licorice, mint

 * For more desired healing, Put on clothes with the associated color after your bath.

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  • Brittney on November 06, 2017

    This is just what I have been needing to read to get me motivated to soak once a week! This post is beautiful and anytime I’m feeling out of balance I always come to this blog first to help get me out of the funk! Thank you!!

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