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Immune Support- Top 5 Defense Products TGS & Beyond

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Let's talk Immunity

Immunity has never been more important. Having a healthy immune system means having a healthy lifestyle in all areas. Quality sleep, a healthy diet, protection from harmful environmental factors, non-toxic skincare & household products, a meditation/grounding practice, proper supplementation and something you might not even think of, 5G/EMF protection. Here are some of our favorites that are keeping our immune system thriving and strong.

Aura Clearing Mist

Gives you the ability to spiritually clean the energy that surrounds you. Contains over 60 different compounds with a synergistic, wide-range of benefits, including protecting you from poor air quality, germs, and other harmful environmental factors. Shop the Aura Clearing Mist HERE.

Kion Immune

This is your daily immune supplement to keep you thriving and feeling your best! Kion Immune is a synergistic blend of Vitamin C and Zinc, which are two essential nutrients that can give your body that extra boost it often needs! Shop Kion Immune HERE and Use code BEGOLDEN for 20% off

A Little Peace of Mind

Based on the traditional Thieves Oil formula. Apply to your hands, feet, neck, & the space that surrounds you. Use anytime you have been in a crowded area or have been/are around sick people. Can also be used as a natural cleaner for the air, countertops, doorknobs, phones, beds, couches, pets, pet beds, walls, and other areas that need disinfecting. Shop A Little Peace of Mind HERE.

Qi Shield

The Qi Shield protects you completely from the radiation in EMF fields. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are protected from harmful and damaging EMFs wherever you go. Protect yourself from the negative effects of cellphone radiation (5G), Wi-Fi, electrical frequencies, electromagnetic frequencies, and more! Shop the products from Synergy Science HERE.

DefenderPad Laptop

The world’s premiere, most effective laptop radiation shield, capable of blocking up to 99% of EMF radiation + greatly reducing heat emitted from the bottom of your laptop, tablet or other electronic device. Just place the DefenderPad between your laptop and your body to help protect yourself from a broad spectrum of harmful emissions. Shop HERE and Use code "BEGOLDEN10" for 20% off everything on their site!

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