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Jesse Golden's Diet

It seems like most people want to know what I'm eating and what my diet consists of. I think more than anything, it's not about what I'm eating but more about what I'm not eating.

As many of you know, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Many of the inflammatory factors that cause pain, have to do with diet. Living with a diagnosed chronic illness, keeps me inline and has become my best motivation to eat well. But what does eating well really mean? Well, as I talk a lot about in my book, that is a little bit different for everyone.

Since a young child I have found compassion for animals and for most of my life,  just didn't feel right eating them. I've gone through every phase in between and have now come to a balanced place where I choose to not eat most animal products. This decision has been inspired mostly by the industrialization of animals and the environmental impact it has on the planet.

But if my son is fishing and catches a good one then I will occasionally eat his catch. To me, catching and eating your own food is very different than being a part of the industrialization of animals. As a mother, I believe in educating children and making them aware about "farm to table" and where their food is actually coming from. Educating them on all fronts, pros and cons, being an example and then ultimately allowing them to make their own decision on what foods feel right to them.

Shaming and looking down upon people for choosing to eat meat or be a part of the exploitation of animals is not going to convince someone to become a vegan or a vegetarian. I believe in teaching by being. So if you really want to know how I maintain a slim phyisque, a healthy mind frame, and thrive with a usually debilitating disease? The answer is balance and mindfulness.

Through my quest for optimal health, I have discovered first-hand that everything we put into our body matters. The energy of the food, quality, source, and so on. I do believe that the pain and suffering that animals go through during slaughter can be digested into our cells, far more than the effects of the high dose of antibiotics in their feed, but of course that matters too. I believe the energy you put into the food while cooking it also effects the quality and most of all, your mindset while eating the food. Are you eating with guilt or nurturing thoughts?

All of these things matter and turning a blind eye to where and how your food is getting on your plate is not the answer. This goes outside of just animal products. For example, those low grocery store prices often come at a cost. Unfortunately many power houses in the economy are a part of human trafficking and illegal work environments. People picking fields of farms for pennies so that you can get a better deal. Being mindful, learning, and educating yourself is the power and therefore, the answer.

So my diet, yes I eat considerably clean compared to most because I am sensitive in spirit and body and feel the effects of the energy of the food immediately.

When you start shifting and incorporating more organic, plant based, home cooked meals with positive energy into your diet, something amazing happens. You actually start to become deterrent to glutinous, unhealthy and ethically controversial food choices.

So before your next meal, ask yourself these three questions.

Is the source of my food in line with my beliefs?

Is this food going to help me achieve optimal health?

Would I want my loved ones to eat this food?

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