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JESSE Q+A - April Edition

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Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions on Instagram — I love hearing from all of you and I wish I could answer every question. Answering five of the most asked below :)

FYI I will be doing this at the end of every month so make sure you’re following my personal account on Instagram @jessegolden and subscribe to my email list HERE so you don't miss your question potentially being answered!


Q1: What are you doing to prepare for pregnancy?

A1: Sixteen years ago when I had my first child, I was not prepared at all and yet I was blessed with a healthy baby whom I gave birth to at home naturally. This day and age, with the toxic environment, my age and health history, I chose to do a very thorough heavy metal/parasite cleanse for 6 months prior to even trying to conceive. I am not an expert on this topic but I did recently hear a fertility expert say that this is something she does recommend for women these days, due to our toxic environments. Saying that, it is not necessary for everyone but might be something to look into if you have been trying for at least a year with no success. Some other things I did for peace of mind and to empower myself is just have a check up and see where my body’s levels are at. Check my egg count, thyroid and progesterone levels. Thank goodness all look really good and I believe it is a testament to my lifestyle for the past 15+ years. I am currently taking a prenatal vitamin, Ancestral Supplements Fish eggs, Liver & Blood Vitality. Use code JESSEGOLDEN to save. I am also using a topical progesterone from day 14 to the second day of my cycle. Even though my progesterone levels looked good, this is something my doctor recommended due to my age. Progesterone is a female sex hormone that is a crucial part of the maintenance of pregnancy.

Q2: Do you use sunscreen?

A2: No I don’t and I never really have. I have always viewed things differently than most and although most conventional doctors and dermatologists preach about daily sunscreen use, the truth is, only about 25% of them are actually effective. EWG researchers rated the safety and efficacy of more than 1,800 products that advertise sun protection and found that only 25% of the products reviewed offer adequate protection and do not contain worrisome ingredients like oxybenzone, a potential hormone-disrupting chemical that is readily absorbed by the body, causing a whole slew on health issues including cancer. Another fact is, skin cancer rates have gone up in the last 30 years since the rise of sunscreen. Two factors are to blame- toxic, chemical sunscreen and not getting adequate Vitamin D. Vitamin D kills cancer cells. Not only that but most people that get melanoma actually live furthest from the equator, revealing that melanoma is now widely recognized as being associated with excessive blue light (bad/indoor light) exposure. Dr. Jack Kruse says, “Melanoma rates are rising all over the world. Everyone is busy avoiding the sun, but if melanoma is any indication, then fake light and lack of sunlight are to blame.” 

Sunscreen gives us a false sense of security and blocks our bodies signal that it has gotten enough sun/Vitamin D. The body’s signal is usually displayed via a sun-kissed glow or right as the skin starts to flush. The amount of time that takes is different for everybody and is based on the melanin in your skin. Those with darker skin, can and should get more daily sun to get sufficient Vitamin D. Once you have gotten your daily sun then it’s time to seek shade, throw a hat on or last resort, apply an organic, mineral, non-nano, reef-safe sunscreen. Stepping outside every moment slathered in sunscreen blocks this signal and its when we go beyond this point that the damage can happen- sunburn, sun damage, aging skin.

Receiving the sun's rays allows your body to manufacture its essential vitamin D within the skin- a vitamin (actually a hormone) most people are deficient in since the rise of sunscreen. Healthy Vitamin D levels are responsible for regulating our mood, immune function, maintaining optimal weight, fighting off dis-ease and actually preventing skin from aging prematurely.

The bottom line: I believe in the sun and its ability to heal in all ways. The sun isn't the problem but the sun can reveal the problem. Diet and lifestyle and your choice in skincare have a lot to do with it too. For example, if you are eating poorly or using chemicals on your skin that makes you sun sensitive then yes, I would fear the sun too.

Nature and what is natural has always been my first resource for everything that I do. We were born to withstand the sun, but modern day choices have damaged our ability. For instance, we used to rise with the sun, which in itself, the first light (red light) prepares the body to better receive the sun's rays for the rest of the day but most people sleep in, go out midday, burn and wonder why. The average person now spends 70-95% of their life indoors, completely opposite of our ancestors. 

I want to preface, I am not advocating you to go out in the sun and burn. If you rarely see the sun and, when you do, you get sunburned, then you are absolutely maximizing your risk of melanoma. What I am advocating is you listen to your body. Get adequate sun (for you) to maximize your Vitamin D levels, use natural oils that have UV absorbing properties, like Our Heal All Oil, feed your body a healthy, nutritious diet and when choosing a sunscreen make sure it is organic, mineral based, low PUFA, non-nano particle and reef-safe.

There are times where sunscreen does make sense in my life, like for my son for instance. As an avid surfer, he is in the sun more than indoors so since he cannot seek shade, we choose a mineral, organic, non-nano, reef safe sunscreen like Manda. Every evening and morning I have him load up on Heal All to keep his skin barrier moisturized to prevent premature aging and further protect from UV damage, while still being able to let your body manufacture the essential Vitamin D.


Q3: What is your favorite free holistic hack?

A3: Nature of course! Get your natural glow from the sun! Get your exfoliation from the sand. Get cleansed by the sea & mermaid hair. Get your heart coherence from the trees. Get grounded by going barefoot on the earth. Breathe your biome by getting outside and breathing in different environments. 

Q4: What's your hair care routine?

A4: I love this question because much like we have been told to over cleanse our face with soaps that strip our natural oils, we too have been told that we need to wash our hair excessively and strip its much needed natural oils, leaving hair dull and thin. I only wash my hair about once per week. I always use natural, toxic-free options and massage the scalp and let the soap run to the bottom. See some of my faves here. Once a month, the night before I plan to wash my hair, I like to do a deep oil mask with the Heal All Oil and leave it on overnight. The Heal All Oil is packed with essential fatty acids and nutrients that help regenerate, strengthen, protect and encourage new hair growth. After washing, I brush it out and let it air dry. In between washings, if I feel like my hair needs a boost of volume, I put some Tantra Body Powder on the roots. Internally I take Ancestral Supplements Collagen (use code: JESSEGOLDEN), Native Path Collagen (click through or use code: JESSEGOLDEN15 for 15% off) and Ageless AF

Q5: Do you still deal with body aches from RA? How do you deal with it?

A5: I have occasional aches and pains, especially in my hands, but to be honest, I have dealt with aches and pains my whole life as a ballerina so I feel a part of me has become accustomed to it. Saying that, movement is key to get inflammation down and create more synovial fluid within the joints. Synovial fluid is what keeps our joints lubricated and its created through movement. That is why we are often more sore in the morning, after not moving for hours. Keeping inflammation down is key! I talk about a lot of this in my book, The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health. There are certain triggers that can cause inflammation and some can be individual to just you. I help you figure this out in my book. There are also some great supplements that I rely on to keep my joints lubricated and pain-free. They are Ancestral Supplements Living Bone & Grass Fed Bovine Tracheal Cartilage (use code: JESSEGOLDEN to save.) Native PathTurmeric (use code: JESSEGOLDEN15 for 15% off.) Nuvita CBD (use code: BEGOLDEN to save.)

xo jesse 

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