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Jesse Q+A - April Edition

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions on Instagram — I love hearing from all of you and I wish I could answer every question. Answering five of the most asked below :)

FYI I will be doing this at the end of every month so make sure you’re following my personal account on Instagram @jessegolden and subscribe to my email list HERE so you don't miss your question potentially being answered!



Q1: Do you have any new kits?

We have several new kits and duos. The best part is all of them are on sale and the duos are available for subscription, so you can save even more on the products you use most.

Ultimate Glow Trio Kit

Jesse's Spa Day Kit

Hydrate & Heal Duo

Detox & Glow Duo

Ultimate Body Trio Kit

Clear Confident Skin Kit

Q2: What do you recommend for eczema skin?

Our Heal All Oil has been shown to have miraculous results with eczema-prone skin. We have had so many customers go from doctor to doctor, prescription after prescription, and not until they tried our Heal All Oil did they get relief. Please take a look at our reviews under Heal All Oil. They are so inspiring.

We have also seen excellent results from Youth Beauty Face Oil, but I always recommend starting with Heal All Oil for sensitive skin, especially if there is an active flare, then once the skin settles, you can begin to incorporate Youth Beauty, and of course, Aura Beauty Mist should be applied before any oil.

Q3: How much pressure should I use with the Gua Sha Stone?

When you gua sha the face, you want a light to medium pressure and the lightest when working around the eyes. Whenever you are working on the lymphatic system, you want that to be a superficial soft touch; otherwise, you bypass the lymph.

You can apply more pressure than the face when working on the body. It really depends on your preference and tolerance. Some people like to dig in, but it's not necessary to receive the benefits. Listen to your body's biofeedback and adjust accordingly.

Learn more in our ebooks when you buy any of our gua sha stones.

Sorceress Stone Gua Sha Beauty Tool

Sculpting Stone Gua Sha Body Tool

Gua Sha Duo

Q4: Why is there olive oil in the womb wisdom? You said to avoid unsaturated fatty acids?

I think you misunderstood. I said to steer clear of the highest PUFA oils that go through a complicated industrial process involving high heat and extreme pressure, which all cause extreme oxidation. Olive oil on the other hand involves a much simpler traditional technique and is mostly monounsaturated fat, low in Polyunsaturated fats, and rich in antioxidants- one of the best, stable plant oils for your skin. Learn more below:


Womb Wisdom

Q5: What kit do you recommend buying for a mom?

I would recommend the At-Home Glowing Facial Kit, Jesse’s Spa Day Kit or the Be Golden Kit. All of them come at a discounted price with our recyclable, oversized Skincare Bag.

xo jesse 

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