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USDA Certified Organic?

At The Golden Secrets, we are dedicated to creating skincare products that are crafted with natural, non-toxic, truly-clean ingredients. Our formulations are thoughtfully designed from seed to skin to be protective, nourishing, calming, and supportive to your entire body. However, you might be wondering why we do not have the "certified" USDA organic seal on all of our products.

While we share the same commitment to providing you with the best nature has to offer, we have chosen not to pursue organic certification (for now), and here's why.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has specific rules and requirements that must be met for a product to be approved and labeled as organic. These rules apply to both food and personal care products. Here are some of the key criteria for the USDA to approve a product as organic:

Organic Ingredients: The product must be made of agricultural ingredients, and at least 95% of these ingredients (excluding water and salt) must be certified organic. Organic ingredients are those that have been grown and processed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetic engineering, irradiation, or sewage sludge.

Non-Organic Ingredients: If the product contains non-organic ingredients, they must comply with the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances, which outlines the specific non-organic substances allowed in organic products.

Certifying Agent: The product must be certified by a USDA-accredited certifying agent. These certifying agents are third-party organizations that verify the product's compliance with organic standards and conduct inspections of the facilities and processes.

Labeling Requirements: If the product contains 100% organic ingredients (excluding water and salt) and all processing methods used to make the product are 100% organic, it can display the "100% Organic" label. If it contains at least 95% organic ingredients, it can display the "Organic" label. Products with at least 70% organic ingredients can label their product as "Made with Organic Ingredients," but they cannot use the USDA organic seal.

Plus, the USDA organic seal is primarily designed for farm-raised ingredients and has limitations when it comes to personal care products. For instance, plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, which we adore, are not typically regulated under the USDA program.

Additionally, the standardized guidelines for personal care products from the USDA lacks comprehensive regulation and oversight, often resulting in limited control over the safety and effectiveness of these products. Various organic certification organizations exist, each with its own set of standards, making it challenging for both us and our customers to interpret what each seal means.

As you can see an organic certification involves a lot more than simply meeting the requirements. While our ingredient suppliers are USDA Organic certified, obtaining the organic label for ourself entails a lot of additional expenses and as a small company we would rather spend the money on the best ingredients possible, rather than proving that we did. We strive to keep our products accessible to all without passing on unnecessary costs.

Seeking organic certification from external organizations would require a significant investment in time, paperwork, and annual fees. We believe this effort would be better spent on maintaining our own stringent standards for ingredient quality and sourcing. This is why we are transparent about every single ingredient we use.

At The Golden Secrets, we are confident in the efficacy and purity of our products. Our ingredients are carefully selected for their superior quality, and like I said, many of them are sourced from suppliers who are USDA Certified Organic as well as Certified Fair Trade, Certified Kosher, Ecocert Verified, and more. Additionally, we are Leaping Bunny Approved, have won numerous Think Dirty Awards and our Heal All Oil is EWG Verified, which is the strictest criteria for transparency and health for ingredients and manufacturing practices.

Our mission is to earn your trust through full transparency and by delivering products that truly benefit your skin. We focus on developing formulations that are effective, safe, and kind to the environment.

While we understand the value of organic certification, we have chosen to adhere to our own set of guidelines and uphold our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional skincare without the need for a USDA Organic certification label.

If you are curious about the safety and health of your personal care products, we highly recommend using reputable third party websites and apps like Think Dirty, Yuka, and EWG to scan your favorite personal care products at home to make sure that they are indeed safe.

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