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Scents of Love- Aphrodisiacs

Did you know that our sense of smell is closely linked to our memory? Even more so than any of our other senses. This is especially true with arousal. One scent can instantly transport us back to a magical moment of erotic pleasure. And when you go beyond just smell, into touch, taste and more, the impact is further magnified. 

This is the age-old wisdom behind nature’s many aphrodisiacs. Since ancient times, certain plant botanicals have been held in great regard as natural stimulants of sexual desire and erotic pleasure. For instance, jasmine (jasminum grandiflorum) flower petals have a rich sweet smell that are pleasurable and warming. In India, jasmine oil has been used for centuries to increase libido. Another example is patchouli (pogostemon cablin), one of nature’s most powerful attraction oils. It stimulates the sex glands, increasing libido and sexual response. In many traditions, it is used to relieve frigidity and impotence. These are all just some of the potent aphrodisiacs in some of our blends.

There's no better time than Valentine’s Day to connect to the beautiful world of aphrodisiacs. After all, the term aphrodisiac is derived from Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty.

My original creation, The Signature. Blend Essential Oil Perfume is based on an ancient formula to entice love and romance. It is the original Love Potion and the core reason I started The Golden Secrets. For years people would ask me what my secret was? This alluring scent that I was always receiving compliments on and attracting suitors with. Finally, I realized that this sacred potion I had created was the very foundation of the grandest love of all, self-love. I realized that not only was the unique blend physiologically bringing me a sense of peace, love and confidence but the simple act of putting it on throughout my day was the tool I used to check in with myself and create moments of self-love- the foundation for everything, including the people you attract.

When you use The Golden Secret's unique aphrodisiac blends, your body, mind, and emotions attune to the very life force (prana) of the plant they came from. Each plant offers a wide range of properties and arousing effects, yet each person draws from these properties individually, depending on your own needs, mood and desires in that moment. They are both predictable and unpredictable, reacting and working with your body’s chemistry, state and feelings, dynamically. The goal of Golden Secrets is to harmonize you to your particular constitution, help you reconnect to yourself through self-love, confidence, erotic power, sexiness and yes your capacity for arousal. After all, the flame of desire is what keeps the love burning bright and strong, on Valentine’s Day and beyond. 



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