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Signs From Loved Ones On The Otherside

Since I was a child, I have had a deep connection with the other side. Often spending hours talking to spirits and loved ones that had passed. My experiences and curiosity opened up many conversations with family and friends, where we made pacts, that if one of us would cross over that we would let the other one know we were ok somehow. Unfortunately that pact has come to fruition several times in my life, as I have lost many dear to me but the beauty in it is I know they are never far and always with me because they have all let me know.

Here are some common ways that spirits or loved ones passed can communicate with you.

It's a feeling- If you feel that they are with you, then they are. It is an indescribable feeling. As if you are not alone, even when you physically are. Feeling a cold chill of goose bumps, a delicate touch, whisper, or essence behind you. It is them letting you know they are with you.

Electricity- Lights turning on and off, alarms, televisions, radios turning on at random are all ways that they are able to connect with you. Spirits have the ability to create electrical disturbances. In the past, I have experienced all of the above including my alarm going off inside the house due to body temperature presence. Usually the manifestation of a spirit creates a "cold Spot." When there is no other explanation for these disturbances then you can assume it is a spirit trying to get your attention.

Money- Do you ever find random change somewhere you know you did not put there? Special coins that have a meaning only you would know. Maybe the date or the origin of the coin confirms a special message between you and a loved one. Or any object, trinket, flower or feather. A symbol that tells you it is them and everything is going to be ok.

Music- It is one thing to have your radio turn on randomly but it is extra special when that song plays that only you and your loved one know. Communicating through music is very profound because through the song they are able to say so much more. Scents -Familar scents that you associate with that person but a smell that comes from know where and has no rhyme or reason. As in a particular cigar that your uncle smoked but your alone in your home. Or Driving alone and you get an overwhelming whiff of your Grandma's perfume.

Dreams- Communicating through dreams so real that it's as if you spent the entire night with someone who is no longer earth-bound and often awake as if you never slept. I experience a lot of these dreams and even before my Grandmother passed I did as well. She was in and out of consciousness for a while, almost between worlds due to her declining health.  I was unable to see her as often as I liked because she lived across the country so I would tell her telepathically to meet me on this "park bench" in my dream. I would have these very vivid dreams of us where we would spend hours laughing and eating like old times. One day I told my Mom and she casually asked my Grandma if she had seen me lately and she replied, yes! we have dinner all the time together. Yes, we do Gram.

Animals- There are special animals that represent families past. As in a red cardinal but you will most likely have your own animal that will often come by to say hello. An animal synonymous to you or your loved one or an animal that is acting strange as in a wild animal being more friendly than normal. Or your own pet acting as if someone else is there, chasing an invisible person,barking, or acting peculiar. Animals have a 6th sense and often see more than us, children as well.

Apparition- Seeing a silhouette of a body form that upon recognition, slowly disappears. Since I was a child I have seen people standing  watching over me. Still to this day at least once a week, I will see an apparition at the edge of my bed. I know it can seem scary at first but it can be very comforting too. The reason this often happens at night is the veil between the physical and the metaphysical is thinnest between the hours of 3-4 am. It is just you and them tuning in at the same vibration.

* " Whether you've seen angles floating around your bedroom or just found a ray of hope at a lonely moment, choosing to believe that something unseen is caring for you can be a life-shifting exercise." -Martha Beck

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