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The Scientific Study Behind Positive Affirmation

There has been a lot of backlash regarding positive affirmation and how it can be viewed as ignoring reality or not allowing yourself to feel your true feelings.

Truth is, there are scientific studies proving that the brain can be rewired for the positive by repetitive practice.

As a survival mechanism, we are programmed for the negative, but living in a constant negative state can have long-term health effects and unwanted outcomes.

There is a difference between allowing yourself to feel sad, hurt, fearful or angry it is another thing to sit in those destructive thought patterns and continually relive them.

Acknowledge your feelings, see where they are stemming from, and allow them to pass, THEN focus on the positive.

One of the best reasons to focus on the positive is, it makes us feel good! When we value what we have, life becomes more enjoyable.

These daily joys of gratitude are easy to forget when life gets busy. That is why we must make it a daily practice, a daily ritual.

Our present state creates our future so if we spend more time saying the things we want verses what we don't want we will live the life we desire. Daily positive affirmations become the vital practice to do so.

Every product at The Golden Secrets, comes with a positive affirmation card with certain affirmations pertaining to each products healing qualities.

The products become the tools. A reminder to take the time and tune-in with yourself throughout your busy day. To recite your positive affirmations and rewire your brain and hopefully your life, for the positive.

So as your skin starts to glow so does your spirit.




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